Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Painting Update: Samurai and Sardinians

A second mounted Samurai unit rolled off the painting table destined for Samurai Battles play.  This time, accompanied by two leader stands.  To add variety, each Samurai sports a unique sashimono.  This treatment certainly enhances the colorfulness of the unit and I went back to the first mounted samurai unit and repainted the banners in a similar fashion.  Figures are 15mm Peter Pig.

Following the Samurai off the painting table is the 7th Sardinian Line Infantry Regiment.  Each Sardinian infantry regiment is comprised of four battalions, each of 12 figures.  Figures are 15mm Old Glory produced by 19th Century Miniatures.  Another six battalions are in the painting queue as I prepare for the San Martino battle.


  1. You are on fire! Are you trying to keep up with that painting challenge that's going on?

    I do like the look of the Sardinians & the samurai and banners pop.

  2. No painting challenge for me. I always seem to have enough challenges as it is without seeking more!

    Thanks for the comments on the figures. Painting the samurai has been a pleasing diversion.