30mm ECW Gallery

Photos of the Combatants in the English Civil War Project

The Cavaliers
King Charles

 Brigade Commanders

 Brigade Commanders

King's Lifeguard Rgt of Foote

 Charles Gerard's Rgt of Foote

 Edward Hopton's Rgt of Foote

 Henry Tillier's Rgt of Foote

 Newcastle's Rgt of Foote

 Prince Rupert's Rgt of Foote

 Queen's Rgt of Foote

 Sir Gilbert Talbot's Rgt of Foote

 Sir Henry Bard's Rgt of Foote

 Sir John Byron's Rgt of Foote

 Sir Ralph Dutton's Rgt of Foote

 Cuirassier Rgt of Horse

 Lord Carnavon's Rgt of Horse

 Lord Digby's Rgt of Horse

 Lord Wilmot's Rgt of Horse

Lord Hopton's Rgt of Horse

 Sir John Byron's Rgt of Horse

 Prince of Wales Rgt of Horse

 Prince Maurice's Rgt of Horse

Lord General

 Brigade Commanders

 Charles Essex Rgt of Foote

 Earl of Essex Rgt of Foote

 George Langham's Rgt of Foote

 Henry Barclay's Rgt of Foote

 John Hampton's Rgt of Foote

 Lord Brooke's Rgt of Foote

 Phillip Skippon's Rgt of Foote

 Sir John Gell's Rgt of Foote

 Lord Cromwell's Rgt of Horse

 Lord Fielding's Rgt of Horse

 Lord General's Rgt of Horse

 Sir Balfour's Rgt of Horse

  Sir John Meldrum's Rgt of Horse

Sir William Waller's Rgt of Horse

Arthur Goodwin's Rgt of Horse

 The Artillery

 The Dragoons

 The Scots
 Strathobogie Rgt of Foot

The French


  1. gosh......These figures and painting look gorgeous!

  2. Lovely army! I have a question as I too am working on an ECW project. Where did you find information on coats and colours for Sir Ralph Dutton's regiment? I have not been successful myself...

    1. Thank you!

      For the coat colors, several sources mention Dutton's Whitecoats. Young's, "Edgehill, 1642" mentions that Dutton's regiment had white coats as does Peachey and Turton's "Old Robin's Foot" and Frampton and Garnham's "The Battle of Edgehill 1642."

  3. great pictures the names of all the ecw regements has been a great help too me

    1. Thank you, William! Let me know if I can assist in any other way.

  4. Wonderful looking collection Jonathan!


  5. Jonathan we must compare notes on some ECW flavored game control systems.

    These troops are exquisite.