Friday, July 1, 2011

First Half 2011 Painting Totals

Terry invited me to a game on Friday. Ahead of a long holiday weekend, unlikely to be called away for work so I accepted. Terry offered several choices: Field of Glory, Regimental Fire and Fury (ACW or MAW), Shako, or Brigade Fire and Fury. Since I'm working on a unit of Romans to be based for FoG, I opted for that option. I believe John Meyer will be joining us.

Yes, John Meyer and I faced off at Terry's on Friday. Egyptians vs Persians. My Egyptians were able to put to flight the Persian right flank and then turn inwards compromising their center. Although Meyer's morale was broken before the Persian right completely collapsed, he threw in the towel when one Egyptian unit of chariots poised itself to attack the center from a flanking position. I re-read the rules this week in preparation for the game but FoG still leaves me unimpressed. I'd want to like these rules but the mechanics continue to seem burdensome and not too elegant.

18mm SYW Project:
The two squadrons of Austrian dragoons and Swiss foot are finished just in time to count towards the June painting totals.

15mm Narvik Project:
The following armor for the Norwegian front have been completed: 3 x French Panhards, 3 x French H39s, 3 x Germans PZ II. When I pulled the Peter Pig French alpine infantry, I came across one Peter Pig H39. That single model is in the priming queue. Joining the PP H39 in the priming queue is one Battlefront French Panhard. With those, I think I've exhausted my supply of 15mm armor.

Painting Tallies:
June witnessed good production from a variety of periods. Once again, the SYW project saw four squadrons of horse and one battalion of foot completed.

Thus far, through June, I've painted 767 figures and 13 pieces of equipment. The SYW project added 154 foot, 72 horse, and 12 command figures and is becoming quite a large collection. I really should get them on the table for a game.

Annual Painting Tally for 2011 (through JUN)

Era Scale Type Figure Cnt Equip Cnt
American War of Independence 15mm Infantry 19
Bonaparte in Italy and Switzerland 18mm Infantry 26
Italian War of Independence 15mm Cavalry 12
Italian War of Independence 15mm Infantry 84
Napoleonic Wars 15mm Artillery 12 4
Napoleonic Wars 15mm Cavalry 12
Napoleonic Wars 15mm Command 10
Napoleonic Wars 15mm Infantry 58
Napoleonic Wars 28mm Infantry 20
Punic Wars 28mm Cavalry 10
Punic Wars 28mm Infantry 48
Punic Wars 6mm Cavalry 12
Punic Wars 6mm Command 30
Punic Wars 6mm Infantry 176
Seven Years War 18mm Cavalry 72
Seven Years War 18mm Command 12
Seven Years War 18mm Infantry 154
WWII 15mm AFV 9
Totals 767 13