Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AB FRW Austrians

AB Miniatures' French Revolution Austrian infantry are well-sculpted figures and some of my favorite AB figures. The face detail is exquisite.

Below are photos of two of my 18mm early Austrian battalions.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The postman dropped off a package from Multiman Publishing Friday afternoon. In the box was one copy each of the games Guadalajara (SCS series) and Baltic Gap (OCS series). Although I have been active in reducing my wargame collection, MMPs Black Friday sale tempted me to pick up these two offerings at 50% discount. I haven't played either of these series in at least ten years and have been wanting to revisit the updated, OCS series. My recent visit to Spain and a reading of the Spanish Civil War (SCW) conflict whetted my appetite to try a SCW game at the SCS level.

I have made several changes to Republique since the last time the group gamed the rules. In fact, most of the original rules have been supplanted by additional mechanisms to the point that I think it fitting that the current version ought to be deemed, Republique+. Much of the original game engine is still under hood somewhere but changes were made to better reflect my view of grand tactical, Napoleonic combat.

Recent additions include:

All die roll resolution has been converted to D6. In assault especially, the use of 1D10 resulted in too much randomness for my tastes. Of course, entering into battle on the Napoleonic battlefield was quite risky but the old opposed 1D10 roll could really skew the results even if one of the participants maintained a decided superiority in modifiers. To reduce the impact of a potentially devastating DRM of +/- 9 'random' element, I have downgraded the random component to an opposed roll with 1D6 each.

Assault Results table has been condensed; narrowing the spread of results slightly.
All measurements have been converted from inches to 'Base Depths' (BD). My intention is to increase play speed by having all measurement in units with less granularity. Since all bases are 1-1/2 inches deep, one Base Depth equals 1-1/2 inches. Measurement sticks will be constructed to eliminate the use of tape measures.

With the change to measurments reported in BDs, all movement rates and ranges have been converted into BD equivalents.

Artillery fire modifiers now include an asymmetrical (-1) DR modifier for firing up one or more elevation levels or down two or more levels.

Artillery fire points are halved if the battery moved or changed formation during the turn.

Artillery fire modifiers now include adverse modifiers dependent upon morale status of the firing battery. Before, batteries could either fire or not fire depending upon morale status. Now the battery may still fire but with diminishing effect as the battery loses cohesion.

Another change to speed play was to make units in disordered morale state automatically rally. Before, much time was lost resolving rallies for disordered units when in most situations (unit has morale grade of Average or better), the unit would successfully pass its Rally roll and return to Ordered status. For solo play, I modify this by adding the restriction that disordered rally is only automatic if the unit is outside of either unopposed skirmisher range or artillery arc of fire.

28mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):

Two, 12 figure units of Renegade velites are on the painting table and nearing completion. For basing, each figure pair will be based on one 60mm x 30mm stand.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Projects Update

Scott and Kevin came over on Saturday for several hours of Command and Colors: Ancients and a good bit of kibitzing. I lost count on the number of games played but I believe the total may have been around a dozen. Twelve games in four hours including a break for lunch is quite an impressive feat. Most of the games were real nail-biters coming down to the last banner. Great fun and a system we should put into rotation more frequently.

With the ECW collection pictorially documented, I ought to consider tackling another collection to add to the documentum. With only a few units of 28mm Punic War Romans completed, perhaps, that would be an easy, next step.

30mm ECW Project:
Work is finished on the final Scottish foote regiment. Painted in hodden grey, this Renegade regiment can be fielded with either combatant. Although Scott commented that the Renegade figures look a little squashed, I like the look of the Renegade ECW line and they are a pleasure to paint.

What I found in the ECW Ironsides' games played is that the size of my current collection is at the "sufficient and complete" stage. That is, twelve units of foote and nine regiments of horse (per side) deployed the length of a twelve foot table not only "completely" covers the length of the table but keeps two players per side "sufficiently" engaged. Actually, this force size allows four or five players per side assigned as:
2 cavalry commanders - one for each wing
2 infantry commanders - one for each infantry brigade (or first line and second line)
1 Lord General/Master of Ordinance

18mm SYW Project:
Ordered a few Blue Moon figures to add to the collection. My plan is to add Hessian Jaegers from the BM AWI range as Prussian jaegers and Hessian fusiliers as Prussian fusiliers. Since the BM French fit in nicely with the Eureka range, I am hopeful that the BM Hessians will fit in with the Eureka Prussians. To my eye, the Eureka fusiliers' mitre is too big with respect to the grenadiers so I am hopeful to use the BM Hessian fusiliers for future, Prussian fusilier battalions.

Battle of Albuera:
The Battle of Albuera is slated for 17DEC2011. I changed the earlier initial deployments to begin the game at the 0800 turn rather than the 0930 turn. The French will now have the options of attack points and not be forced into initial assaults on the Allied right. The Spanish will still be in their initial north-south deployments on the heights and will have to maneuver into positions to counter any French attacks or redeployments. Godinot is still poised to assault la Albuera at the start.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Projects Update

18mm 1799 Italian Project:
Two additional French line battalions were added. Both battalions are composed of AB figures. Of course, the eagle would not have been present but you use what you have.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
I recently ordered eight Brigade Games' early chasseurs a cheval as a sample of Lon's horse. I have several battalions of French and British line and like them very much despite their rather high-end price. The French chasseurs have much character and are equally as a nice as the infantry. These eight horsemen are painted as the 5th Chasseurs a Cheval.

30mm ECW Project:
Photos of the ECW collection have been posted under the Projects section. The Project_ECW page contains a photo of each unit in the collection. On the painting table is the last unit of Renegade Scots. If I could acquire two more Scottish pikemen, I would have enough figures to muster one more Scottish foote regiment.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

MMP Black Friday Sale / Projects Update

While I have recently been in a selling-off mode for a couple of months with respect to my boardgames' collection, I used MMPs Black Friday sale to pick up two games. I chose one OCS game (Baltic Gap) and one SCS game (Guadalajara). I had fond experiences with OCS from 15+ years ago and wanted to see a more recent version of the rules and, perhaps, refresh my memory on the mechanics. I sold Hube's Pocket but still have Tunisia, Guderian's Blitzkrieg, and Enemy at the Gates. I was looking for an OCS title that wasn't too big and hope that BG will fit that requirement. MMP has a France 1940 OCS game in Pre-order that interests me, I will wait on that title until it is released. Boardgames downsizing seemed justified since my stacks of games have been languishing on the shelves for many years. That, and my focus has gravitated towards miniatures games almost exclusively.

November is shaping up to yield another productive month covering a wide range of sizes and periods. Details will follow with my month-end painting tally.

6mm CCA Project:  
Jake stopped by on the 11th to drop off the remaining 6mm ancients that we bartered about one year ago. Included in the delivery was an assortment of Baccus foot and horse with enough figures for the following:

  • Two stands of Roman cavalry (2x7 figs).
  • One stand of command (3 figs).
  • Six stands of Moorish/Numidian light cavalry (6x5 figs).
  • Seven stands of Ballearic slingers (7x4 figs).
  • Eight stands of Spanish scutarii (8x12 figs).
  • Two stands of Roman triarii (2x32 figs).
 All of these figures have been based and flocked during the Thanksgiving holiday.

In addition to the above figures (courtesy of Jake), I painted two stands of Celtic/Gallic warbands (18 figs each). Added to the primed inventory box are 4 stands of Carthaginian citizen infantry. Based on discussions with Scott, these will be based as medium infantry; each stand holding 24 figures per base.

30mm ECW Project: 

Having only enough Renegade figures to complete two more foote regiments and not having completed any regiments for 2011, I put 27 figures into the painting queue. These figures will muster as the Queen's Regiment of Foote. The flag is from GMB Flags. A picture of the completed regiment is below.

I spent a couple of hours on Friday taking photos of the ECW collection on a unit by unit basis. Now, I have pictorial evidence of each unit in this collection.  My photo session really helped quantify the units present and I may attempt adding the pictures into the Miniatures Painting Log database. Once I resize all of the photos, I plan to post them in the Projects folder.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bocadillas in Madrid

 During our recent trip to Spain, Madrid was our home base for a few days. Besides a great calamari bocadilla on the Plaza Major, I stumbled upon a great game shop a few blocks away. The shop is called Atlantica Juegos ( The shop has walls of miniatures and a very nice collection of books, rulesets, and boardgames. They also produce their own line of 28mm SCW figures. With walls covered in figures, I was finally able to physically browse through hundreds of packs of Warmodelling and Perry figures. While I bought no figures, I did pick up two uniform books on the SYW.

18mm SYW Project:
Battalion #2 Austrian IR#7 Neipperg is on the painting table along with battalion #2 from Grenz Regiment - Carsltadt Liccaner. The grenadier companies from Neipperg will be crossing the painting table following completion of these two battalions.

Received an order from Eureka this week containing a resupply of Prussian foot, mounted battalion command, and Russian hussars. Even though I don't have any Russians, I picked up the 12 Russian hussars in Mirliton to use as either Austrian or Prussians. SYW hussars were often quite generic among nationalities and the Russian hussars have a much smaller footprint than the larger and more sprawling Austrian and Prussian light horse. In fact, I had to mount the Austrian and Prussian hussars on bases 40mm in depth rather than my standard 30mm depth used for cuirassiers, dragoons, and foot.

28mm Napoleonic Project:

On the painting table is one battalion of Brigade Games' early French in bicorn. The battalion will consist of 16 figures distributed on four stands and two skirmishers. When I began the unit, I lacked two Brigade Games' skirmishers so I grabbed two, left over Elite Miniatures' skirmishers in shako. Late last week, an order from Brigade Games arrived containing the two French skirmishers needed, a few extra British heads in shako, and eight, early French chasseurs a cheval.

The early French chasseurs look really nice but I must compare them size-wise with my existing Front Rank cavalry before I make judgment. The two Brigade Games' skirmishers will be mustering with their parent battalion.

Also on the painting block are two mounted officers: one British and one French. Primers and ready for paint are four more mounted officers to command the troops already painted. In the game at Kevin's, I would have not had enough command if more players has participated. Painting additional commanders will allow each player to field (and command) one brigade. While all mounted commanders are currently based individually, I may create divisional bases containing two officers or one officer and an ADC.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Painting Lull

Nearly two months since my prior update. What have I been doing? As seen from the AUG and SEP Painting Tallies, not much. In the painting work that did get finished, most centered on the 18mm SYW project. The only other completed units were my first Brigade Games British (nice figures) and one Austrian grenadier battalion for the 1859 campaign. Hopefully, October's output will see an improvement.

Met with Scott at Kevin's for two games on Saturday. I GM'd the morning game consisting of a Napoleonic brigade action set in the Peninsula. In the afternoon, Kevin GM'd a similarly sized Napoleonic game set in Egypt. Sunday's planned game at Scott's was scrubbed due to illness.

My game was based on the action on the Coa in 1810 where the British were attacked by the French near Almeda. The British goal was to either hold the village and bridge or failing that, escape over the bridge and deny the crossing of the Coa to the French. The French focused the thrust of their attack towards the British LOC and effectively cut the the British off from their escape route. Below is one shot of the Coa action with the French bearing down upon the British defenders and forcing them to fall back away from their LOC. Unfortunately, for the British in our game, the British made a stubborn defense at the village and were virtually eliminated.

18mm SYW Project:
Battalion #1 of Austrian IR#48 - Luzan was completed in July and battalion #2 appears in the August Painting Tally. Also in August, I finished the first battalion of Austrian IR#7 Neipperg and four squadrons of horse. These four squadrons were mustered to bring two Austrian horse regiments up to six squadron strength.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Doldrums

Summertime gaming activities have slowed dramatically.  With better weather, much time has been spent out on the bike getting miles in on the road rather than at the gym.  July painting totals still showed good progress but August totals will take a precipitous drop.  

15mm Narvik Project:
One more French H-39 and one Panhard were added to the Narvik project.  Also completed 1-1/2 companies of chasseurs alpins. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

First Half 2011 Painting Totals

Terry invited me to a game on Friday. Ahead of a long holiday weekend, unlikely to be called away for work so I accepted. Terry offered several choices: Field of Glory, Regimental Fire and Fury (ACW or MAW), Shako, or Brigade Fire and Fury. Since I'm working on a unit of Romans to be based for FoG, I opted for that option. I believe John Meyer will be joining us.

Yes, John Meyer and I faced off at Terry's on Friday. Egyptians vs Persians. My Egyptians were able to put to flight the Persian right flank and then turn inwards compromising their center. Although Meyer's morale was broken before the Persian right completely collapsed, he threw in the towel when one Egyptian unit of chariots poised itself to attack the center from a flanking position. I re-read the rules this week in preparation for the game but FoG still leaves me unimpressed. I'd want to like these rules but the mechanics continue to seem burdensome and not too elegant.

18mm SYW Project:
The two squadrons of Austrian dragoons and Swiss foot are finished just in time to count towards the June painting totals.

15mm Narvik Project:
The following armor for the Norwegian front have been completed: 3 x French Panhards, 3 x French H39s, 3 x Germans PZ II. When I pulled the Peter Pig French alpine infantry, I came across one Peter Pig H39. That single model is in the priming queue. Joining the PP H39 in the priming queue is one Battlefront French Panhard. With those, I think I've exhausted my supply of 15mm armor.

Painting Tallies:
June witnessed good production from a variety of periods. Once again, the SYW project saw four squadrons of horse and one battalion of foot completed.

Thus far, through June, I've painted 767 figures and 13 pieces of equipment. The SYW project added 154 foot, 72 horse, and 12 command figures and is becoming quite a large collection. I really should get them on the table for a game.

Annual Painting Tally for 2011 (through JUN)

Era Scale Type Figure Cnt Equip Cnt
American War of Independence 15mm Infantry 19
Bonaparte in Italy and Switzerland 18mm Infantry 26
Italian War of Independence 15mm Cavalry 12
Italian War of Independence 15mm Infantry 84
Napoleonic Wars 15mm Artillery 12 4
Napoleonic Wars 15mm Cavalry 12
Napoleonic Wars 15mm Command 10
Napoleonic Wars 15mm Infantry 58
Napoleonic Wars 28mm Infantry 20
Punic Wars 28mm Cavalry 10
Punic Wars 28mm Infantry 48
Punic Wars 6mm Cavalry 12
Punic Wars 6mm Command 30
Punic Wars 6mm Infantry 176
Seven Years War 18mm Cavalry 72
Seven Years War 18mm Command 12
Seven Years War 18mm Infantry 154
WWII 15mm AFV 9
Totals 767 13

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Projects Update and Albuera

Don, Scott R, and I joined Scott M. for the christening of his new house to wargaming. Scott set up the Battle of Iuka in his living room and we gathered for a day of good gaming and camaraderie. The battle was played using Scott's figures and Regimental Fire and Fury. A nice recap can be found on Scott's blog at

As in many of our games, it takes a few turns to reacquaint ourselves with the rules. One aspect that we didn't pick up on in this game was leader casualty checks. I wager that at some point during the game, 80 percent of all units engaged rolled a '10' and went "low ammo". With all of the low ammo forcing 10’s we rolled, we should have had a number of leader casualty checks. In the heat of battle, we may have forgotten that a leader w/I 4 inches of a unit hit with a ‘10’ takes a leader casualty check. Given that, our Iuka game may have seen the ground littered with killed and wounded leaders. May not have impacted the outcome but it might have had local impacts. 

18mm SYW Project:
Work progresses on two Austrian dragoon squadrons. These two squadrons will muster as squadrons 5 and 6 of Dragoon Regiment #7, Batthyany. Also on the painting table is battalion #2 of the Swiss regiment, Diesbach. The dragoons are Eureka and the Swiss foot are Blue Moon FIW French. 

15mm Narvik Project:
In the recent Warweb order were two bags of 15mm armor. Both bags were from the recently released Command Decision French armor models. I ordered one bag each of three French Panhards and three Hotchkiss H39s (with the short barrel). My goal for this weekend is to assemble and paint these models and complete the three Panzer II's I've had sitting in a partially finished state. Since the picture I have of the H39 in Norway shows a solid light color, Scott recommended Panzer Dark Yellow for the French paint scheme. A trip to the local discounter, White Elephant, yielded only Afrika Mustard. That color will be close enough for me. Oh, I cleaned out WE's supply of Dullcote as I often do on my resupply runs. The guy behind the counter quipped that I must be the one that messes up his inventory by buying all of his stock on a periodic but infrequent schedule.

Working on these models got me motivated to pull six bags of Peter Pig French alpine troops to prime and place into the painting queue. 

Still awaiting a refight of Albuera but below is a picture of the game table with the battlefield setup. The first picture shows the battlefield deployment viewed from the north while the second picture shows the battlefield from the east. Both pictures depict the deployments around 0930am at the time of the French assaults against the Spanish.

Battle of Albuera: 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Projects Update and Cost Comparison

Orders from Renegade, Brigade Games, and Warweb arrived. Renegade sent an e-mail stating that prices are rising (once again) and that orders paced before June 20th will be at the old rate. New rate for regiments may be up to BP19.95. That is a substantial increase from the current BP14.95. Just last year regiments were offered at BP11.95. Still, including shipping Renegade offers a good value. I recently calculated the post-paid cost per figure (on a 24 figure basis, before the price increase) as: 
  • Renegade: $1.43
  • Crusader: $1.90
  • Aventine: $2.03 
Given the unit cost above, Renegade would get the bulk of my business with Aventine running second. With Renegade's proposed price increase, I may look more towards Aventine since their models are quite stunning. Eliot from Renegade says that shipping rates to the USA will likely drop with the price increase. The current shipping rate to USA is 40% of order value which usually is quite close to actual shipping charged. 
After much too long, the group is finally meeting at Scott's new house for a RFF game of Iuka on the 18th to christen the game table. Rumors are that Don and Scott R. will be driving up from Nez Perce for the weekend festivities. 

15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
Two battalions of Austrian foot are finished. Now, the 7th regiment musters its full complement of four battalions and IR17 has battalion #1 completed.

18mm SYW Project:
Two more Prussian cavalry squadrons are on the painting table. Again, I will be fielding the 5th squadron from each of Dragoon Regiment #2 and Dragoon Regiment #4 .

28mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):
One 24 figure unit of Renegade Principes have been completed with LBM shield transfers. The Renegade figures are slightly chunkier, heftier, and a bit taller than the Aventine Romans but even with close side-by-side scrutiny, the two manufacturers' figures work nicely together. The Crusader figures are about the same size as Aventine but the body proportions are less anatomically pleasing. To my eyes, the arms on the Crusader Greek hoplites appear too short. Aventine and Crusader could be mixed within the same unit and perhaps Aventine and Renegade too. I will likely keep them in separate units and from a tabletop perspective all three will look good.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Projects Update

We spent Mother's Day weekend in Joseph, Oregon at Wallowa Lake. Joseph is an arts and crafts hub especially for bronze work. At last count, three bronze foundries operate in the small town. Many of the corners along Main Street display large bronze statuary. One of these is a rendition of a Nez Perce' warrior on horseback accompanied by his wild dog. As the picture below illustrates, this is no household bronze statue.

Nearly one month from my last post but a lack of entries does not mean I've been slacking. In painting production, a number of projects witnessed progress as seen from the Monthly Painting Tally. Of course, much of the count was consumed by the 6mm project but added to that were 44 28mm figures.

6mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):
Basing is complete on all 6mm ancients. Added to the collection in May were 96 Libyan Veteran infantry, 48 Roman Triarii, and 30 mounted command stands. Each command stand contained three "Roman" mounted officers. I didn't have sufficient figures to paint two stands of Triarii so I ended up with 1-1/2 stands painted. All figures were Baccus. To further the project, I ordered a hex template for painting hexes onto either fabric or a flocked gaming map. My plan is to spray one of my green, flocked game maps with a hex overlay for use in Command and Colors.

28mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):
Although hesitant to embark on yet another project, I completed the 24 Aventine Principes and really enjoyed painting them. These 28mm Ancients may only be a slight dabbling in the period rather than a full project. I tried LBM shield transfers for the first time and really enjoyed the ease at which they could be applied. With the LBM transfers, the shields look fantastic.

Following the Aventine figures, I have on order Hastati and Principes from Renegade and Greek Hoplites from Crusader. I've always wanted to paint a unit of Greek Hoplites and now will be my chance. For all of these units I ordered LBM shield transfers. Perhaps, I can field the Greeks as Carthaginian Greek mercenaries.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
The battalion of French line infantry from Brigade Games is complete along with two Front Rank skirmishers that I omitted from an earlier battalion. These Brigade Games' figures painted posed no painting frustrations and I took advantage of Lon's Memorial Weekend sale to pick up another battalion of French and enough figures for two battalions of British. I've not seen the British in-hand and look forward to their arrival. The British have separate heads so the look of the battalion can be customized.

18mm SYW Project: 

Two Prussian cavalry squadrons were finished in May with one squadron each from Cuirassier Regiment #6 and Dragoon Regiment #11. Both squadrons will muster as the 5th squadron of each.
15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
Two squadrons of Sardinian light horse are complete and will muster as the 1st ans 2nd squadrons of the Aosta light horse. With no Italian cavalry available in Old Glory's 1859 range, I substituted French Chasseurs d'Afrique. The French chasseurs match closely to information I have on the Piedmontese light horse including the tall shako and greatcoat thrown over the saddle pommel. On the painting table are two battalions of Austrian foot. One battalion will be painted as the 3 BN 7th foot to complete the 7th infantry regiment and the second battalion to be named later.

May 2011 Painting Totals:
A varied mix of era and scales are represented in May's painting totals. With 260 figures, May represents my best output YTD. As seen below, four different periods in four different scales. My believe is that this variety allows me to maintain painting focus without becoming bored.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Projects Update

With Spring coursework completed and no travel plans until later in the month, hobby life is beginning to return to more tranquil times.

18mm 1799 Italian Project:
On the painting table are 26 AB Austrians in casquet. Very finely sculpted figures with nicely detailed faces. Actually, these Austrians have some of the best 18mm faces I've seen! These 26 figures (24 foot and 2 mounted officers) will become two battalions of IR Frelich under Kaim's command at the beginning of the campaign in Northern Italy.

18mm SYW Project:
Twelve Austrian hussars from regiment #34 are complete. These Eureka figures will be mustered as the Dessewfy Hussars with light blue dolman and pelisse. Both the Austrian and Prussian hussars, to my eye, lean towards the two dimensional sculpt and some of the poses are definitely long and lean. The galloping horses don't fit on the 30mm depth of the heavies and must be based on 40mm squares. I rationalize the extra frontage and depth for the light horse as representing the more open formation that their real-life counterparts would have maintained on the field. Additionally, the light horse are based in half-squadron strength rather than the full squadron strength of their heavier brethren.

15mm American War of Independence Project:
Rebasing artillery and cavalry begins. I rebased all of the infantry onto Litko bases but never made it to progressing to the artillery and cavalry. With so few of these bases in the collection, this mini-project should be completed rather quickly. My initial thought is to base two horse on a 40x30mm base and one gun and three crew onto a 40mm square base.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Projects Update

I won auctions for a few items on eBay recently. Most notable, is a collection of 6mm rivers from JR Miniatures. NIB sets containing a good assortment of shapes, including,
  • 1-#3402 - River Y
  • 1-#3403 - River Ford
  • 1-#3405 - River Turn
  • 1-#3406 - River Curve
  • 1-#3408 - River S Curve
  • 2-#3420 - River set
Nice looking pieces that appear quite durable. I would have preferred more straight sections but the collection is a welcome acquisition. The addition of these pieces will allow me more flexibility in scenario layout.

Command Colors Ancients/Napoleonics:
The CCN games continue. Although Scott was unable to attend, Kevin, Dylan, and I will met Friday evening for two battles. We missed Scott's rules' expertise but those are the vagaries of war. Game One was a continuation of Kevin and Dylan's Waterloo game. Kevin's expert use of the French artillery blew big holes in the British defenses exterminating enough British units to take the win. Game Two saw Dylan and I face off in Rolica (Second Position). Despite managing to squeeze the British through the narrow ravines on each flank and threaten the French defensive positions, the firepower of the batteries and lights destroyed enough of the attacking British to take the game. This is an interesting puzzle for the British. How do you advance up three narrow defiles and attack the strong French positions at the top of the ridge in a coordinated fashion? Clearly, I failed in the first attempt. Rolica deserves a second chance.

15mm Napoleonic Project: Albuera
The final two regiments of Spanish foot are ready to be fielded. Now, all participants for La Albuera are mustered and ready for battle. Of course, the allies will be without artillery limbers but so be it.

18mm SYW Project:
Both Austrian cuirassier squadrons noted in the earlier post are finished. Picked up a resupply of Eureka Austrian and Prussian foot from Scott at our game on the 9th.

6mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):
Basing the Baccus 6mm collection continues and I painted 12 Spanish cavalry that I had laying around. One correction from an earlier posting: The base size is actually 24mm x 45mm rather than the 30mm x 45mm I noted. Of course, elephants are mounted singly on a 25mm x 30mm base. On order from Baccus are a small assortment of 2nd Punic War figures from their retooled range. I'm getting a bit excited about getting these forces together for a miniatures version CCA. While not my longest running, orphan project, this Carthaginian collection began in 2002. With a little luck, these 6mm ancients will see the table top in 2011. Not quite 10 years between concept and execution but pretty close.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
Work begins this weekend on the sample battalion of early French from Brigade Games. The facial features and bicornes on these figures really provide much character. Looking forward to seeing these painted. In addition to the 16 Brigade figures on the production line, are two Front Rank French skirmishers that I had neglected to paint in fielding an earlier battalion.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

CC: Napoleonics and Projects Update

Command Colors Ancients/Napoleonics:
Joined up with the group as Austin packs up the remainder of his Otis Orchards belongings and places most in storage. By the time I arrived, most work was completed (excellent timing on my part) and CCN was on the table. The guys had played Rolica twice before my arrival so I challenged Scott M. to a game. Scott took the French and I, the British. The game was quite lengthy in comparison to the CCA games we've played with much punching-counter punching as both combatants jockeyed for position. The French had good success on their left flank while the British commanded the center. Stopping the French cavalry on the British right, the British made coordinated assaults in the center and left to eventually win the game 5-4.

We had a very good evening of CCN at Kevin's on the 8th. In the first game, Kevin as Napoleon was down 6 flags to none against Scott only to come back and claim victory with a miraculous turn of events. Probably, still smarting from his narrow defeat, Scott (as Napoleon) thrashed me eight banners to three. My game wasn't even close. The third game of the night saw Kevin face off against Dylan. Game three was adjourned before a decision could be reached but at the stopping point, the game was evenly contested.

15mm Napoleonic Project: Albuera
The 5th Cacadores regiment is finished and when I began affixing labels to the bases, I realized that I am lacking two Spanish foot regiments. Rats. I have 10 regiments painted but need 12. I left out de Espana's command. Twenty-four Spanish figures have been primed today and painting will begin once I clear the painting table of the Austrian cuirassiers. The tabletop is covered by a facsimile of the battlefield spread out over an area 6' x 7'.
15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
The two battalions of Piedmontese infantry are finished. The 19th Century Miniatures order arrived with a box full of goodies. A cursory exam of the French Chasseurs d'Afrique shows that these will work for the Piedmontese light horse. Two more battalions of the 6th Line are in the painting queue.

18mm 1799 Italian Project:
Finishing touches on two battalions of Austrian infantry regiment, Mittrowski are being applied this weekend. These two battalions bring the total number of battalions completed for this project to 26 allocated as 10 Russian, 10 French, and 6 Austrian.

18mm SYW Project:
Following the 1859 Piedmontese on the painting table are two squadrons of Austrian cuirassiers. These two squadrons will be fielded as Cuirassier Regiment #3 and will bring the existing regiment up to its full complement of six squadrons.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Project Updates

 Command Colors Ancients/Napoleonics:
I returned from two days in the Renton office with a terrible cold/flu. The primary purpose of my trip to the office was to upgrade my laptop thereby sliding in under the IT deadline of upgrading to Windows 7 by Mar 31. Due to my illness, however, our CCN game was cancelled and rescheduled for April 9. Kevin has the labels for Waterloo mounted and ready for our trial.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
A sample order from Brigade Games' French Revolutionary War range arrived. I ordered enough French to field one battalion for myself and one for Scott. The figures are very nice and will match quite well with Front Rank in size but are a little less well-fed. The animation of the drooping bicornes gives one the sense that these troops have witnessed hard campaigning. The skirmishers are exquisite! Below are a few samples from Brigade Games' website.

15mm Napoleonic Project: Albuera
Spanish command consisting of two Corps/Army command stands (two figures each) and six division commanders are painted and ready for flocking. I used this activity to rebase all of the French divisional command from one inch rounds (from Joanne's Fabrics) to 30mm Litko rounds. Now, the French divisional command mountings will be compatible with the Spanish and British commanders. One more unit remains to be painted for Albuera. That is, one stand of Portuguese 5th Cacadores. I originally had planned on having the cacadores distributed throughout the Portuguese foot regiments but the 5th Cacadores were an independent unit thus requiring a separate unit.

18mm SYW Project:
Rob from Eureka USA announced that the SYW French are now available. The listing is quite extensive and some of the codes have as many as 60 variants. Below is the French listing:

300SYW400 French musketeer, no turnbacks, marching (60)
300SYW401 French musketeer, turnbacks, marching (60)
300SYW402 French drummer (5)
300SYW403 French officer (5)
300SYW404 French standard bearer (5)
300SYW405 French NCO (5)
300SYW406 Grenadier de France, marching (60)
300SYW407 Grenadier de France drummer (40)
300SYW408 Grenadier de France officer (4)
300SYW409 Grenadier de France standard bearer (4)
300SYW410 Grenadier de France NCO (4)
300SYW411 Mounted officer (5)
300SYW412 Mounted officer in cuirasse (5)

300SYW412 12lb cannon (5)
300SYW413 4lb cannon (5)
300SYW414 Artillerymen (16)

300SYW415 Hussar in mirliton (24)
300SYW416 Hussar Officer (3)
300SYW417 Hussar Standard bearer (3)

300SYW418 Chevau legers, tricorn (24)
300SYW419 Chevau legers tricorn Officer (3)
300SYW420Chevau legers tricorn, standard bearer (3)
300SYW421 Chevau legers tricorn, trumpeter (3)
300SYW422 Chevau legers tricorn, kettle drummer (3) >
300SYW423 Chevau legers bearskin (24)
300SYW424 Chevau legers bearskin Officer (3)
300SYW425 Chevau legers bearskin, standard bearer (3)
300SYW426 Chevau legers bearskin, trumpeter (3)
300SYW427 Chevau legers bearskin kettle drummer (3)

300SYW428 Dragoons in tricorn (12)
300SYW429 Dragoons in pokalem (12)
300SYW430Dragoons in tricorn Officer (3)
300SYW431 Dragoons in tricorn Standard bearer (3)
300SYW432 Dragoons in tricorn drummer (3)

300SYW433 Cuirassier du Roi (24)
300SYW434 Cuirassier du Roi Officer (3)
300SYW435 Cuirassier du Roi Standard bearer (3)
300SYW436 Cuirassier du Roi trumpeter (3)

300SYW437 Mounted general staff (3)
300SYW438 Dismounted general staff (3)

Although I didn't request any of the French, I did place an order through Scott to resupply the Austrian and Prussian musketeers.

15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
On the painting table are two battalions of Piedmontese infantry. These two battalions (24 figures) clear out the inventory of the unpainted Italian line infantry until the resupply from 19th Century Miniatures arrives. Currently, my order is in Pending status.

March 2011 Painting Totals:
March painting activities centered on the Albuera project and SYW project. The Blue Moon French figures were really a joy to paint.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Projects Update and CCA

Command Colors Ancients:
Before our scheduled CCN game on April 2nd, Scott came over Saturday with two of his CCA modules in tow. We played ten games in under seven hours including a long time-out for lunch. Most games lasted no more than 30 minutes. Scott's organizational skills made short work of set up and take down. We refought Akragas four times (S3:J1), Cannae four times (S2:J2), and Ilipa twice (S0:J2). So, we each won five games from both sides of the board. Both Ilipa games were very closely contested with the last Ilipa game witnessing a come-from-behind victory to take three banners on the last turn while Scott only needed one more banner to reach 7. As the day progressed, some rules that had been interpreted incorrectly were rectified and we both saw tactics beginning to evolve in our play.

15mm Napoleonic Project:
The two Portuguese batteries and two Spanish batteries are finished excluding flocking. More unfinished business for Albuera. Spanish higher command is needed. I'll likely need to field four infantry divisional commanders, two cavalry brigade commanders, and two Army command stands. Without having specific Spanish command figures, a search through my inventory of Spanish/British cavalry and British generals must be done to find suitable figures. Perhaps, I could use surplus French generals/ADCs as well?

18mm SYW Project:
Painting the two battalions of Prussian IR#19 wrapped up one week ago on Sunday and work began on the grenadier components for IR#8 and IR#19. These 16 figures exhaust my inventory of Eureka Prussian infantry. Prussian inventory remaining include artillery and a large assortment of cavalry. The Prussian cavalry will be primarily used in fielding a fifth squadron to each of the existing Prussian horse.

 15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
The 1859 project was initially geared towards building the OB for San Martino between the Italians and Austrians. My plan remains intact but additional figures must be ordered to muster more than a small scale action. Currently, I have only about 10 battalions painted per combatant. Still too few to conduct the entire battle but perhaps enough to refight the attacks on Monata. The Austrian 1st Hussars are complete and represents the first of the Old Glory cavalry to be completed. The sculpting on the hussars is weak by Old Glory standards. Detail is lacking and molding is weak with most of the troopers brandishing very wispy swords. At some point, these swords will likely require replacement. I hope the French cavalry are better sculpted.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Projects Update

Austin dropped a bombshell on the group this weekend. The surprising news is that A. is packing up and heading south to Phoenix. While complaining about the Spokane winter was a frequent pastime, I didn't expect the move so suddenly. I've grown to enjoy our semi-regular painting nights and those gatherings will be missed. Good luck Austin.

18mm SYW Project:
Four squadrons of Prussian Cuirassier Regiment #6 are finished. On the table are 24 of the Blue Moon FIW French figures that I will be painting as one battalion of the Swiss Diesbach Regiment. Although typically fielded with the French, I don't see why the Austrians couldn't commandeer a Swiss regiment or two. Besides, it will add a spot of color to the white menace. These Blue Moon French are really outstanding figures and I'm anxious to see them finished.

15mm Napoleonic Project:
Two regiments of Spanish foot are finished. Both units feature figures from Old Glory's Spanish Voluntarios bags. Since no evidence suggests that the Spanish fielded artillery during the Battle of La Albuera, only two Portuguese artillery batteries remain to complete on the Allied side. Well, I must double check the Portuguese foot, I may need one more regiment.

30mm ECW Project:
Colors for four horse regiments have been applied. Those regiments receiving flags are Haselrigg, Waller, Maurice, and Prince of Wales. The figures from the last game are still in place on the tabletop. Perhaps, I'll reset and give the scenario a solitaire run-through before turning my attention towards Albuera.

6mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):
The Litko bases have arrived and the transition from current basing to 24mm x 45mm will begin shortly. Jake is working on finishing up the remainder of the cavalry from our project swap. Once completed, I'll have enough figures for a small game.

February 2011 Painting Totals:
Painting output was down in February due to a number of factors but I managed to clear the ready-to-paint box of the 1st Corps German cavalry that had been in the queue for far too long. Now that all of my 25mm ancients are finished, I need to figure-out what to do with them. The foot are mounted on 30mm x 60mm and the horse are mounted on two-inch squares. Perhaps, March output will show improvement.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Game Day - RFF Iuka

Much activity since my last update so I'll briefly catch up on some of them. I swapped my 15mm Medievals for Jake's 6mm Romans. We each got what we preferred and now, instead of each having two orphaned projects, we each have one complete project. Progress! Jake is finishing up some Roman cavalry and skirmishers to complete the trade.

I placed a resupply of Litko bases including bases for rebasing all of the 6mm figures. Ordered and received (via Scott) a sample order from Old Glory containing a handful packs of Blue Moon FIW French infantry. My plan was to see if these figures would fit in with Eureka's SYW Austrians and Prussians. First, the figures are exquisite and second, the Blue Moon figures fit very well with Eureka's SYW infantry range.

I received a package from Body Banners to fill out flags for the ECW project. I picked up colors for a few foote regiments and a number of horse regiments. The Body Banner flags are nice looking and will be a welcome addition for the color-less horse regiments. For cavalry colors, Body Banners includes both 15mm and 25mm flags. I only need the 25mm flags.

Having already created homemade flags for my Austrians and Prussians, I needed SYW flags for both the Bavarians and Wurtemburg regiments. Using the flags from, I was able to create flags for all of these. A few cut, paste, and resizing tasks later, I have flags for the Bavarian Leib Regiment, the Wurtemburg von Roeder Regiment, and the Prussian 8th IR. Flags were needed for the Napoleonic Spanish so I found a suitable flag on the internet and performed the same activities. Now, the eight Spanish foot regiments all have flags! Finally, I had four unflagged British regiments so flags were made for these too. Printed onto glossy photo paper, the clarity is better than my existing flags so I may ploddingly replace all of the flags in the British army.

Saturday's RFnF Game - Iuka.
Austin hosted an ACW game on Saturday with Scott R. and Don making the drive up from the south. Although Scott M. was sidelined with a broken ankle, his troops made the game and the four of us fought out the battle.

With Scott's Rebs reaching the high ground first, Don deployed his Federals in the fields in preparation for the attack.

After a number of furious attacks and counterattacks, the rash Confederates leapt out from their protective terrain and attempted to turn the Federal left. As losses mounted, the Federals began to make headway against the Rebel positions. When the Confederate attacks first stalled and then repulsed, Austin noticed that one of the lead Union regiments was actually supposed to be a part of the reinforcing column. With good-natured cries of "cheat, cheat" and the late hour, the game was called with no clear winner. The regiments under Austin and myself never managed to fire a shot during the game. Iuka would be an interesting scenario to replay. 

One of the notable events of the game was one of Don's die rolls landing on top of Scott's troops.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Influx of History Books II

The stream of post-Christmas books continues. Arrivals within the last month include:
  • The Philadelphia Campaign Volume 2 - McGuire
  • With Zeal and Bayonets Only - Spring
  • The War of Austrian Succession - Browning
I'm looking forward to diving into Spring's book to get a better sense of how the British conducted battle during the AWI.

A few recent acquisitions from eBay include:
  • Reiter Husaren und Grenadiere
  • Frederick the Great's Allies 1756-63 - Reid/Embelton
  • Marlborough's Army 1702-11 - Barthorp/McBride
Another hobby-related Christmas gift was a 1/48 Tamiya Sherman from Scott. He has been prodding me for some time to give modeling a try. With this gift, he knew I had no choice. I built the Sherman and it is ready for painting and detailing. We'll get together on Friday for a painting night that will likely include work on the tank. The Sherman is a nifty model and Scott assures me that the 28mm figures fit nicely with 1/48 scale vehicles. Perhaps we'll be seeing a little WWII skirmish gaming in the near future? One problem lingers. What rules to use for this level of gaming? The group has tried several rulesets; none have provided the results to which all are pleased.

January's painting completions were dominated by the 18mm SYW Project. All Prussian command is finished as are two battalions of Musketeer Regiment #8. I didn't have the correct number of grenadiers primed so the grenadier companies will follow later. In preparation for my planned 200th Anniversary Albuera game, elements from two Portuguese dragoon regiment passed across the painting table. Added to these were two squadrons of French Hussars (Napoleonics) and the 7th Penn. Regiment (AWI). Not a bad month. Thus far in February, I completed 10 1st Corps ancient German cavalry that have been taunting me from the primed box for far too long. Oh, and I finished rebasing the Napoleonic Prussian cavalry.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Influx of History Books I

With Christmas 2010 in the rearview mirror, time to take stock of wargaming related items picked up during the holidays. No new figures arrived with Christmas but I did receive a number of books that were culled from my Wish List. The books received included:
  • The Peninsula War Atlas - Lipscombe (present to myself from credits)
  • The Philadelphia Campaign Volume 1 - McGuire
  • The Germans Invasion of Norway - Haarr
  • The Seven Years War in Europe, 1756-1763 - Szabo
  • Ramillies 1706 - Year of Miracles - Falkner
  • Fontenoy, France Dominating Europe - Gandilhon
One more project needs completing in the new year. That is, to finish the rebasing of the Napoleonic cavalry. When I last worked on rebasing, I made it up to the Prussians but stopped. Now, I must bring the Prussian cavalry up to code. Painting progress has been slow thus far in January and I hope to pick up the pace a bit in the second half of the month. The two battalions of SYW Prussians on the painting table need a bit of attention.

The gaming table has been cleaned up from the lengthy Second Manassas game and I deployed the ECW collection on the table for an upcoming battle. The two battlelines stretch down all 12 feet of the table with two lines of foot in the center and one wing of horse on each flank. The scenario I have in mind is a slightly smaller Parlimentary force blocking a vital bridge that the King's army must take. Below is a photo of the initial deployments.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Plans for 2011

Scott, Austin, Dylan, and I met at Kevin's for a colonial game with using TSATF. Scott and Austin marched onto the board commanding a French FFL column bent on making it down the length of the table. The French goal was to exit their column intact with the loot they have 'requisitioned' from the local populace. The locals were tasked with stopping this reckless pillaging. After suffering a few cavalry casualties from a native ambush early on, the French swept away this speed bump and proceeded upon their task of driving the length of the table. No other armed natives were encountered until the lead FFL company was ambushed in the defile along the river. Taking heavy casualties, the French managed to take some cover along the river bank but casualties continued to mount. A third native warband emerged from the fort that guarded the defile and trapped the French column. With all French officers down and with two more native warbands arriving to surround the French, the French remnants fought their way back to town for a final defense. There will be many empty seats in the mess tonight, the local treasury will remain in its native land, and the French will have one more, desperate, last-stand holiday to celebrate.

Project Plans for 2011:

15mm Napoleonics Project:
200th Anniversary of Battle of Albuera - With the 200th anniversary approaching in May, I'd like to recreate the battle on the tabletop. I have a number of recent Albuera books (Dempsey, Edwards, Oliver, Fletcher) from which to pull data. To complete my OOBs, I'll need to paint a few Portuguese dragoons, a couple of Portuguese batteries, and perhaps some Spanish horse. Then, on to building the map and translating the map to the table. Quite accomplishable by May. Scott discussed a similar project with his troops. If so, the two games may make an interesting 'compare and contrast' between AoE and my heavily modified version of Republique. Or, fight the grand tactical battle using Republique and then switching down to a more tactical scale using General de Brigade.

30mm ECW Project:
Goals include codifying the Ironsides rules and compiling it into a cohesive draft. Also on the objective list is the creation of a few scenarios. Austin has requested a return to some ECW/TYW games and I know Kevin has an interest as well. Their desire to game the period gives me an opportunity to work on the scenarios and properly present the rules and QRS'. Three regiments of foote remain unpainted with two of those three being Scots. My current collection is adequate for most scenarios so I have no rush to complete these three laggards.

18mm 1799 Italian Project:
With ten battalions each of French and Russian, and four Austrian infantry, a couple of guns each should provide the troops necessary for fielding a small 1799 scenario. I'll comb Duffy to find a suitable skirmish. Plenty of AB figures remain to paint for this interesting period. Perhaps, even a small order to 19th Century Miniatures for sample figures from the Battle Honors French Revolution range would be useful (and a lot cheaper!).

18mm SYW Project:
After clearing away the 10mm ACW Second Manassas game, I want to place all of the collection on the table and try a small scenario just to get a feel for both the figures and rules. With an interest in ECW, this scenario may be on hold but painting will continue. Currently, I have two battalions of Prussian Regiment #8 on the painting table.

15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
The 1859 project was initially geared towards building the OB for San Martino between the Italians and Austrians. My plan remains intact but additional figures must be ordered to muster more than a small scale action. Currently, I have only about 10 battalions painted per combatant. Still too few to conduct the entire battle but perhaps enough to refight the attacks on Monata. The Austrian 1st Hussars are complete and represent the first of the Old Glory cavalry to be completed. The sculpting on the hussars is weak by Old Glory standards. Detail is lacking and molding is weak with most of the troopers brandishing very wispy swords. At some point, these swords will likely require replacement. I hope the French cavalry are better sculpted.

15mm American War of Independence Project:
Project is complete with only a few units left to paint. I'll work in a unit every so often throughout the year.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
A couple battalions each of French and British remain to be painted along with two British limbers. I would enjoy giving a small scale, battalion action a try in 2011. For the Peninsula, I really need to pick up a unit of Portuguese Cacadores to add to the mix. With the Portuguese lights, the action at Coa would be possible. Still debating whether to add either more Front Rank or Elite figures to the project.

28mm French and Indian War Project:
Project is complete and I ought to make an attempt to field them in a game in 2011.

25mm French Intervention in Mexico Project:
I really ought to either field a game for these figures or clear-out the project. They haven't seen the table in more years than I can remember. I recently sold off a few of the old Frontier FFL figures.