Thursday, January 24, 2013

Project Plans 2013

Part of the fun of the hobby is drafting out lists of figures to paint, collections to build, formulating orders of battle, games to play, and dreaming what might be.  Well, I'm nearly one month into 2013 so it is time to commit to my project plans for the year.  Knowing that I have only eleven months remaining, I may be forced to scale back my goals.

Like many, the number of gaming projects I maintain exceeds practicality.  I collect too many projects and only rarely do I part with a collection.  In some years, a collection fails to make it onto the gaming table for even a single game.  With thoughts on scaling back, I did reduce my projects by one in 2012.  The collection jettisoned was my 25mm French Intervention in Mexico.  Luckily, it was purchased locally so I still receive visitation privileges.  The problem I have with notions of scaling back on the number of periods gamed is that new periods quickly fill the perceived void.  2012 was no exception.  Anyway, knowing that no plan survives contact with the enemy, on to my project plans for 2013.

Risorgimento 1859 (15mm)

This project has reached the critical mass required to hold a game.  Goal is to conduct a first game with these figures.  Scenario will cover the Battle of San Martino which was a northern extension to the Battle of Solferino.  San Martino pitted Sardinians attacking the Austrians in an attempt to compromise Austrian line of communication via Pozzolengo.  The San Martino layout is on the gaming table now.  I'll begin posting photos very soon.

For painting, I'll continue adding Austrian and Sardinian artillery, cavalry, and some infantry to the collection.  Perhaps begin painting French?

Samurai (15mm)
My goal is to build 12 units for Samurai Battles.  Having 9 now, that makes three units to field for 2013.  My stretch goal would be to field a total of 18 units.  Hopefully, 2013 will see many Samurai Battles games with some of the games featuring my own figures.

American War of Independence (28mm)
Need to complete one combined grenadier battalion and one light infantry battalion.  These figures were begun by Austin but lacked command.  I'll add command and touch up the figures.  Enough unpainted figures are in-hand to muster four more British battalions and one more Hessian battalion.  My stretch goal is to field all seven battalions in 2013.  Added to the four British and six German battalions already fielded, these seven battalions would push the project towards a battle worthy, sized force.

Napoleonics in the Peninsula (28mm)
I have a number of squadrons of cavalry to paint for both combatants including several squadrons of Spanish dragoons.  In addition to the cavalry, I have four French infantry battalions, one British foot battalion, and two British limbers.  If I can field 32 cavalry and two limbers in 2013, I would be satisfied.

Seven Years War (18mm)
Goal is to hold a first game with these figures.  Plans for scenario must be considered.  In stock, I have about 48 cavalry and 12 guns awaiting the paint brush.  Most of the horse are hussars so that will add a lot of color to each army.  Other horse are either dragoons or cuirassiers which will be used to bring some horse regiments up to their full compliment of squadrons.    If I could get these onto the painting table along with adding two more regiments of Prussian foot, I would be satisfied.  The next Prussian foot will be Blue Moon rather than Eureka.   Also need to muster jaegers and grenz for the light contingents for each combatant.

One goal for 2013 is to pull all of the figures from their boxes and photograph the entire collection.  It has grown much larger than I anticipated.  Readers may agree.

American Civil War (10mm)
While Regimental Fire and Fury requires large numbers of figures, most scenarios are set up so that each player will often only command one brigade of three or four regiments.  My goal is to field more hardware in the form of guns, limbers, and wagons.  I could also use dismounted cavalry.  Add infantry as time permits.

1799 Bonaparte in Italy/Switzerland (18mm)
All but a few figures in this project are AB Miniatures and currently I can field:
  •  8 Austrian infantry battalions
  • 15 French infantry battalions (13 line, 2 legere)
  • 13 Russian infantry battalions
  • 1 Russian regiment of cossacks
Stockpiles of figures are exhausted with the exception of artillery for both Austria and France.  I could press Empire period artillery into service for a game but I prefer to field French gunners in bicorne and AB guns for all combatants.  Not sure what I'll do for Russian gunners at this point.

For 2013, I plan to field artillery for both France and Austria and perhaps pick up a few more Austrian and French battalions.  With about a dozen battalions per side, it may be time to plan a small game with this collection. 

Ancients (28mm)
I have 24 BTD Spanish for which I've ordered alternative shields.  Once these replacement shields arrive, onto the painting table the Spanish go.  I also have one unit each of Aventine Princepes and Triarii.  With no game imminent, I will commit to producing only the one Spanish unit.
Work on other projects will continue as interests change but the above represents an almost achievable goal for 2013.

For gaming, I would like to set a goal of one gaming session per month although with quick-playing Commands and Colors games, gaming frequency can increase without impacting painting and other non-gaming commitments.

We'll see how many of these get accomplished in the year ahead and how many new periods I begin!

What are your wargaming plans for 2013?

Good gaming!


  1. Fascinating and I must say, a hefty and diverse list! Like you, I find that getting finished armies on the tabletop is a priority to make all of the hours pay out.

    I started painting & playing with a club that does only Field of Glory - mostly ancient armies from the Republican Rome era. Last year I branched out into Impetus but I couldn't get the FoG club into it. Then I fired up Maurice, which hooked a number of us with its fabulous campaign play. I'm working on 2 Saga armies and tomorrow will be my first game so I hope I like the rules! I'm afraid to take on more so I my painting will focus on the rules that are most actively played...FoG, Maurice and Saga.

    1. Those aren't all of the periods I collect; only the projects I actively want to apply focus towards this year. I'll likely add a few 6mm Punic War units for CC:Ancients, 28mm WWII for small scales actions, 15mm WWII for larger scale actions, and 15mm Napoleonics.

      Thankfully, my 25mm FIW, 15mm AWI, and 30mm ECW projects are finished. That reminds me that the 15mm AWI collection has not seen a game in a long time. I should remedy that.

      A couple of the local fellas are getting interested in SAGA. How about a recap and first impressions from your maiden SAGA outing? I would enjoy that.

      As for FoG, are you trying out the new v2 rules? Although we tried with FoG v1, games always seemed like too much work to reach a conclusion. We still have die hard FoG fans in Spokane but I am not one of them. Loved the production quality of the rules and supplements but just couldn't get into the rules, themselves. It is a ruleset I really wanted to like.

    2. I'd love to see your whole collection!

      Saga...tried it this AM and loved it! It's fast, makes you make interesting decisions via the battle board and with Gripping Beast plastics, it's cheap to get into. This will be a big for our group in 2013 I think.

      You are right about FoG. It's pretty hard core and appeals to the grognard in me. I find it unsatisfying when I sink 4-5 hours into a game and at the end, there isn't a decisive result. V2 addresses this a bit but it's a tweak and not a makeover. Still, the FoG guys are great so I'll keep in the system just to game with them.