Friday, January 11, 2013

15mm 1859 Project Update

The 1859 Project build towards San Martino continues.  Making it off the painting table this week are the 4th battalion of the Austrian 9th Line Regiment (Old Glory) and four Sardinian officers (Mirliton).

My Christmas order from Mirliton arrived this week.

Included in the package are enough figures for four squadrons of Austrian dragoons, mounted officers (both Austrian and Sardinian) and fourteen guns and crew (8 Sardinian; 6 Austrian).  I submitted a small order from Freikorps this week to sample their 1859 limbers for both Austrians and Sardinians.  Mirliton makes a Sardinian limber but the limber and team is rather expensive.  If I can make do with the Freikorps, that may be the way I'll proceed.  I have one such Mirliton limber and it is quite nice.  I'll add that to the painting queue as well.

A quick examination of the San Martino OB shows that Benedek's 8th Corps is virtually complete with the exception of three 4th battalions.  For the Sardinian contingents, I still have work to do although enough battalions have been fielded to begin the battle.  After I clear the painting table of SYW Prussians, Sardinian infantry should jump to the head of the queue.  Perhaps, I can squeeze in one unit of Japanese teppo before I dig into the Sardinians?    

San Martino Order of Battle


  1. Replies
    1. I have at least four rules in mind:
      Fields of Honor
      Wargaming 19th Century Europe
      Risorgimento 1859

      The latter is a set I'm working on that uses the Combat Effectiveness engine that you would recognize from Old Trousers and Ironsides and tailors it to the period.

      My plan is to give the San Martino battle a try first with Risorgimento and then, perhaps, playing the same scenario with the other rules.

  2. Very nice job with both painting and research. I'm presently engaged in painting an Austrian 1859 army to face my FPW French. Most of my figures are Old Glory 15s (unfortunately, Mirliton's too expensive). I use a modified version of battalion/regimental-level ACW rules with a 40-1 figure ratio. My battalions range from 16 to 22 stands (3 figures per stand), so this is a major undertaking as I aim to paint up at least a division with cavalry and artillery. I'd love to exchange more information with you if you care to email me at

    1. Thank you, Don!

      I would enjoy sharing info with a fellow aficionado. Email on the way...


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