Thursday, October 14, 2010

Projects Update

Well, it has been over one month since my last update. On the gaming front, Don and Scott R came up for a small RFnF test. Very enjoyable game in which I drove Don back from his defenses and turned the flank. Excellent! RFnF while having most of the same mechanisms as FnF, presents a different scale and scope to the game. Tactics are much more pronounced in this version as it should be in a game at the regimental level. With narrow base-width, troops had a difficult time standing on anything but flat terrain. We'll have to see how this evolves but I'd suggest a bit deeper base.

I spent some time reflecting on my incarnation of Republique and have been playtesting a few changes. First, I collapsed the Assault Results table into fewer results. Results are more streamlined with less variable outcomes. Devastating results from the extremes of the D10 opposed role should be diminished. Second, I'm factoring skirmish ratings into movement via the Terrain Effects Table. Formations with higher skirmish capability will suffer less due to rough terrain. Skirmish-poor infantry will find rough terrain much more difficult to traverse. I've gamed this a few times and really like the distinction that the rule provides.  

28mm Napoleonics:
After completing the battalion of Elite's French Line, I'm coming around to the notion that Moresby's figures are even too large for Front Rank. Too bad, since I really enjoy the character in these figures but they positively dwarf the Sash & Saber figures.

18mm SYW Project:
September and October have seen a regimental increases in the SYW project. Four squadrons of both O'Donnell Cuirassiers and Kalkreuth Cuirassiers have been completed as well as the musketeers and grenadiers for the Lieb Garde Bavarian foot. On the painting table are 23 Eureka Prussian foot to muster as the second battalion of von Roeder IR of Wurttembergers.  An inventory miscalculation requires the grenadiers to be fielded later. 

For October, four squadrons of a Prussian cuirassier regiment have been completed. A large order came in from Eureka last week but I noticed a few discrepancies in the order so I must place a follow-up order soon. These mistakes allow me to add in some additional foot and horse as I see Rob has been replenished as well.

I've have always fielded the cavalry in four squadron regiments. Looking at the OB for Leuthen, the Austrians fielded horse in six-squadron strength and the Prussians fielded in five-squadron strength. Perhaps, I'll begin bringing my horse regiments up to full battle strength by adding either two squadrons (Prussians) or three squadrons (Austrians).

The Prussian musketeer foot are beginning to show signs of mold wear. Even though flash is still minimal, the raised detail is beginning to diminish. Now, the diminished detail could be caused by figures rubbing against each other in transit but I've noticed this as time has passed. Still, I really enjoy painting the Eureka SYW range.

Painting Totals for September.:
September nearly was an all-cavalry painting month. The only exception were 72 6mm Baccus Libyan heavy infantry. Eight 28mm French dragoons and 48 SYW cavalry passed across the painting table in September. Thus far in October, 24 Prussian Cuirassiers, 9 ECW Cuirassiers, 31 SYW Bavarian infantry, and 46 10mm ACW Rebs have been completed. On the table now are 23 SYW Wurttemburg infantry.