Sunday, September 29, 2013

28mm Reconquista - BTD Crossbowmen

Amongst the hub-bub of wedding activities this weekend, I did manage to steal a few hours at the painting desk.  The result of this short burst was a second unit of Impetvs 'T' crossbowmen.  As most of the figures in this project, the crossbowmen are BTD.  I continue to enjoy painting figures from BTD's Warriors of Islam range even though the last two months have seen little else cross the painting desk.  The Moors have not gotten tiresome to paint and I am lunging forward with plans to field additional units.

To prevent a painting rut, the Reconquista project will step aside while I tackle units from other projects.  One such diversion is a four-battalion regiment of Sardinian infantry for the 1859 project.  I had these 48 figures primed and ready to move onto the painting table about the same time as the origination of the Reconquista in July.  With the push to produce Moors, these fellows languished in the lead pile.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

28mm Reconquista - BTD Archers

With my schedule returning to normal after a week away (well, near normal; daughter's wedding is this weekend), I managed a few hours each evening to pick up the brush and work on the Reconquista project.

The first result of the evening meditation is one stand of Moorish archers.  Like other, recent missile troop stands, I chose to place a couple of flanking spearmen on the stand.

A similar missile stand of crossbowmen is nearing completion.

To inject something different into the project, I picked up several packs of camel cavalry from BTD.  The beasts are quite large and the rider looks diminutive sitting atop the dromedary.  These will be a fun little painting diversion and offer an interesting element to the project.  I have enough camels to field two, four figure units of medium camelry.

I ordered several packs of cavalry (both horse and camel) on the 22nd and the order arrived on the 25th!  That is really terrific service.  I continue to receive excellent service from BTD USA even though complaints can still be found on TMP.  Fortunately for me, I have never had any issues with BTD USA.

Monday, September 23, 2013

28mm Reconquista - Perry Light Cavalry

A week without an update?  Well, I was out of town all of last week for work so no progress made on any of the projects.

After catching up with household duties over the weekend, I managed to find time to commune with the painting desk.  The results of the time spent are six Perry Miniatures' Bedouin light cavalry.  I ordered these Perry cavalry from their Crusades range as a test for compatibility.  To my eye, they will look fine on the gaming table along with the BTD figures.

On  the painting desk are two "T" units: one of bowmen and one of crossbowman.  After concentrating on the Reconquista Project for two months, I may move onto one of the neglected projects after these two missile units are finished.

What will be next? 

Friday, September 13, 2013

28mm Reconquista - Mercenaries

Two more units move into the growing "completed" category for the Reconquista project.  Both additions are of the mercenary type.

With no heavy cavalry on offer for the Moors, the hard charging (and hitting) impetuous faction will be represented by Christian mercenary cavalry.  I mounted the heavy cavalry (CP in Impetvs lingo) five horsemen per stand.  The figures are BTD and I plan to get a few handfuls more at the next BTD sale. 

Joining the heavy horse on the migration from the lead pile to the completion box are twelve spearmen to be fielded as mercenary heavy foot.

With these two units, my project total rises to 24 stands.  That totals to 146 foot and 29 horse in two months.  Not bad output for two months' work!  The project is light on cavalry which will be addressed in the future.  In the meantime, Jake and I are juggling schedules to find time for our initial Imptevs clash.  Will we use Impetvs or Basic Impetvs for the first game?  I think keeping it simple with the Basic version is prudent and we can build up as we become familiar with the system.

Monday, September 9, 2013

28mm Reconquista - Light Cavalry and Command

Fresh from the painting desk are a sampling of Artizan figures.  I ordered two packs from Northstar to compare size compatibility with the BTD figures.  In the order were one pack of Andalusian command and one pack of Andalusian light horse.

The quality of the figures is quite nice with limited flash and crisp detailing.  In comparison with BTD, these Artizan figures have smaller horses but large riders.  The effect is that the Artizan horsemen appear to be big guys riding small ponies.  When placed on the gaming table and viewed from a distance, the size differences seem to be negligible.  The pack of cavalry command I made into a command stand although Impetvs does not require such an element.

I also picked up two packs of cavalry from Perry's Crusade range.  We'll see how they compare once painted.  At first glance, the Perry's look to be a very good fit alongside BTD.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blog With No Name Giveaway

Ian is holding a two-year, 500 post anniversary giveaway on his blog (  Ian is a prolific blogger and seems to update such on an almost daily basis.  How does he keep up that pace?  I have no idea but I do enjoy following his work.

If you have yet to take a gander at his blog, I suggest doing so especially if you enjoy 6mm gaming.

Oh, I hope to win the Rosemary brushes...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Donald Featherstone 1918-2013

Many miniatures websites and blogs are ablaze with news that Donald Featherstone has passed after suffering an injury.  Dreadful news and we, in the wargaming community, mourn the loss.
Featherstone seen rolling dice in his game room in 2001
Featherstone was one of the pillars in the early wargaming movement and probably the most recognized name in the wargaming community.  His generation began formalizing the tenets of modern wargaming.  I have been involved in this hobby for more than forty years and my choice for the "four horsemen" of what was then modern wargaming and now termed "Old School" are Featherstone, Grant, Wesencraft, and Morschauser.  Through their frequent writings, we learned how each approached and furthered the hobby during its infancy.  No one was a more prolific writer than Don.

I have a number of Don's books and all are frequently pulled off the bookshelf either for reference or pleasure.  While I only have five of Featherstone's wargaming works, they all are treasured editions in my library.  Not only was Featherstone a wargaming pioneer, he also could produce engaging prose.  That combination will be missed.   

When Campaigning with the Duke of Wellington and Featherstone was published in 1993, I quickly snapped up a copy.  I have probably read and re-read this book more than any other book in my library.  Before and during the creation of my own Peninsular wargaming scenarios, Campaigning with Featherstone is usually the first reference I pull from the shelf.

If mortality is measured from birth to the last time your name is mentioned aloud, then Don has likely attained immortality in the hearts and minds of wargamers, now and forever.

Excuse me while I re-read Featherstone's chapter on the battle of Vimeiro in When Campaigning with the Duke of Wellington and Featherstone before returning it to the shelf. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

28mm Reconquista - One More Heavy Foot

One more heavy foot unit makes the transition from bare lead to ready-to-fight status.  With this unit completed, the project total reaches 20 stands.  Although still a little under strength on cavalry, 20 units should be enough for two, 10 stand Basic Impetvs forces for a small test game.  One 20 stand Regular Impetvs army can be fielded to face off against Jake's Christians.  A first game should not be far off.  

Banners have been created and added for all of the heavy foot. Pennants will be added to the horse lancers.  Also, all stands have received the Silflor tuft treatment.