Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Projects Update

28mm Napoleonics:
After completing the battalion of Elite's French Line, I'm coming around to the notion that Moresby's figures are even too large for Front Rank. Too bad, since I really enjoy the character in these figures but they positively dwarf the Sash and Saber French. I still plan to place a smaller order with Elite to complete two more battalions to join with the test battalion of the 36th.

The Second Manassas game continues to languish on the game table. After a good start in July, Paul and I haven't been able to coordinate our schedules to press on with the scenario. With Paul's busy fall travel schedule, our completion of the game is unlikely. Rather than pack up the game, I'll continue play solitaire as my time permits. From my notes, it looks like the game is currently at the Federal 0930 turn.

Scott and I met at Austin's Sunday afternoon for a game of C&CA. Scott chose the Trasimene scenario and Austin took Carthage leaving me with the Romans. With their backs against the lake and reduced activations, the Romans would find this one quite difficult. However, a few, early coordinated attacks by the Roman light foot took out a couple of Carthaginian formations on the Roman left and Austin's morale dropped with the loss of these troops. Ranged weapon fire continued peppering the Carthaginians and a third unit was lost. Austin counterattacked the Roman left with horse and destroyed two weakened Roman light foot but his attack in the center was repulsed with great loss. On the Roman right, light foot caused heavy casualties, forcing two foot units to retreat. At the conclusion of the game, the Romans held the field 6:3.

Painting Totals for August.
August turned out to be a productive month with an emphasis on 28mm Napoleonics. Also slipped in were 18mm Napoleonics, 18mm SYW, and 15mm SIWI. Just checking my painting log, AUG contained my highest output for 2010. With a SEP vacation and fall classes commencing, SEP production will drop. On the painting table are 24 SYW Austrian Cuirassiers and eight 28mm French Dragoons on the priming table. The Austrian horse are painting up quickly and I began to consider pulling a second 24 figure unit of Austrians from the inventory pile. Pulling the last Austrian horse regiment from inventory left only one 24 figure regiment of Prussian heavies to paint. Perhaps, a shortened September could be an 'all-cavalry' painting month?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Projects Update

28mm Napoleonics:
All of the Napoleonics listed in the 04AUG post are finished. That includes three French guns and crew, two French limbers and teams, and eight French hussars. Additionally, the four British guns have been rebased onto 60mm squares. I placed another order to Front Rank for three French artillerymen to crew my last Sash & Saber gun, eight French Dragoons, and two British limbers and teams.

My 'test' battalion of French Line arrived from Elite Miniatures with the post on Saturday and hit the priming table. The figures are gorgeous and will fit in nicely with Front Rank. Front Rank figures are a little more hefty than the Elite figures but the sizes match up favorably. The Elite French are really works of art with great character. Peter Morseby has a summer sale through August which allows 48 packs for the price of 40. I'll be ordering more to increase the size of my Peninsula Project. Project planning is one of the many joys in this hobby. After receiving the Elite figures, I set to work planning an order to take advantage of the summer sale. What began as a small, shared project with a friend several years ago (I was only supplying the British contingent for small-scale actions) has blossomed into a self-contained Peninsula project with continued development on the horizon. Currently, I have enough figure to field brigade-level engagements. One question always in mind is, "when is a project finished?" I really have no definitive answer since project "scope creep" is prevalent in almost all of my projects.

Colors and Command: Ancients Game.
Scott and I met at Austin's Saturday afternoon for an afternoon/evening of kibitzing, dinner, and a couple games of C&CA. I watched the first game by looking over Austin's shoulder as Austin faced off against Scott. Scott took game 1 and then the game was reset and I took Austin's place in a rematch. Game 2 ended in the same result but it was a near-run affair as Scott took the game 5-4. I enjoyed the game and this was a nice departure from our more intense wargames. On initial playing, C&CA represents a good Beer and Pretzels candidate for an evening's activity. I don't see why you couldn't play on the existing mapboard with the miniatures. I read that these 6's are on 20mm squares and would provide a purpose to my Carthaginians. An enjoyable game that might benefit from a possible flank/rear attack modifier. Perhaps, add 1 die if in a flanking position? With my aging eyes, I had great difficulty reading the info on the blocks. Translating the game to miniatures would enhance my experience. It's tough getting old. I look forward to another game.

15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
Sixteen Austrian Jagers have been added to the 1859 project. The figures are Freikorps and the jagers fit in nicely alongside the Old Glory figures. Some of the Freikops figures are smaller than Old Glory so it is refreshing when the figures are compatible. I decided to field the jager battalion in two, half-battalion stands. I'll do the same for the French chasseurs and Sardinian Bersagliari. Still debating how to field the Austrian Grenz battalions. Although the OBs show them deployed in single battalion formations as light infantry, Grenz doctrine was not much different from the line. In 1860, this distinction was entirely lost and Grenz battalions were fielded in regimental strength. To provide a light infantry component to each Austrian division, I'll likely field the Grenz in half-battalion strength to allow greater flexibility. There, I was easily convinced.

18mm 1799 Italian Project:
Added two battalions of French legere (13 figures each) to the project. The legere most likely wore bicorn in 1799 but I purchased AB early legere in shako with side plume for this project. Once my research pointed to bicorn for the lights, I ordered additional AB's in bicorn for subsequent, early legere. I may continue to use these for the 1799 project or send them into the later imperial period collection.

18mm SYW Project:
On the painting table are 23 Eureka Prussian foot to be painted as one battalion of Wurttembergers. This will be my first allied foot to join the Austrians and they will be fielded as the von Roeder IR with its rose-colored facings.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Projects Update

28mm American War of Independence Project:
The Perry British regiment is finished and will be fielded as the 10th Regiment of Foot. A picture of the 10th Foot is posted under the Saratoga Projects folder.

28mm Napoleonics:
I added four Austrian figures to an existing Old Glory line battalion to bring IR#22's strength up to 20. I had these extra four figures laying around and decided to paint them to reduce a few figures from my odds and ends pile. Also completed is a French Legere battalion of 20 figures. The Front Rank figures are large, very nicely detailed, and a pleasure to paint. Staying on the 28mm Napoleonics front, three Sash and Saber guns, ten artillery crew and two Sash and Saber French limbers and teams are on the painting table for August. In an attempt to get this project in a state to game a small scenario without sending a call for Scott's figures, I have two Front Rank voltigeur skirmishes on the painting table. These skirmishers will join their parent 70th Line, battalion 1. To add cavalry to the French contingent, I plan to paint eight beautiful Front Rank hussars. These hussars will be mustered as the 2nd Hussars.

All skirmish markers are being rebased from 1.5" squares to 40mm rounds. Currently, I have 30 single figure skirmishers to rebase. Staying on the rebasing theme, all guns are being remounted from anemic 1.5"x3" bases to 60mm squares. I never cared much for the GdB artillery basing and am much happier with the larger bases. The limbers and four horse teams are mounted on 60mm x 120mm bases. Hopefully, Front

Rank limbers and teams will fit within this same footprint.

Finally, I placed a sample order for a battalion of French line from Elite Miniatures. The figures haven't arrived and I'm anxiously awaiting the package from the U.K.