Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Samurai Battles: Of Dice and Men

Another Ashigaru unit made it off the painting table.  This time a missile unit of the teppo variety.  Like the others before, these figures are Peter Pig and they are a pleasure to paint.

I'm getting down towards the bottom of the Samurai unpainted lead box.  In a little over one month, I managed to paint my way through about 170 of these Peter Pig figures.  With nine units finished, I'll be facing off against Jake in no time at all.  Soon to reach the painting table will be a second mounted Samurai unit. 

For the Samurai Battles game, itself, I created a set battle dice for the game.  The labels were found on Boardgame Geek and printed out on sticky backed paper.  Using a few handfuls of D6 that I bought a Dollar Tree, these labels were affixed to each of the faces of the die.  I think the battle dice turned out well.   Now, I only need suitable substitutes for the tokens.  For now, I'll simply use coins.


  1. Fantastic looking minis!

  2. Thanks, Phil! The Peter Pig Samurai are a welcome change of pace and they paint quite quickly.