Monday, January 7, 2013

Holiday Hobby Gifts

I often receive a few wargaming related gifts during the holidays either for Christmas or my birthday.  Of course, I am not counting the wargaming gifts I give to myself!  This year was no exception.  Below is a brief rundown of the holiday plunder:

From daughter #1, I received an unexpected gift: a personal laminating machine.  A personal laminator you ask?  That was my initial thought too.  From where did that come?  I had expressed a passing interest in this device on a shopping trip several weeks before Christmas as I explained some possible uses.  My crafty wife must have made note and passed this information along.  The model received is a Scotch TL901.  Although it produces a bit of a smell as it warms up, the machine works flawlessly and will likely see much use.

The laminator will be perfect for producing a more durable QRS for the many rules I have in-house.  Many of these QRS' will be for my own game rules but I produced a QRS for Regimental Fire and Fury to accommodate my 10mm figures/basing and Samurai Battles.  Some of the examples produced are illustrated below:

Le Petite Guerre QRS

Regimental Fire and Fury QRS

Risorgimento QRS

Samurai Battles QRS
Military history or wargaming books are a regular part of gift-giving and 2012 yielded a few good titles.  From daughter #2 came Day's work on the battles of Gloucester and Newbury and Cunningham's work on Shiloh.

From Scott, came Rocco's excellent book of Napoleonic paintings 

and from sister #3 came this surprise: a first edition of Grant's Scenarios for Wargamers. Grant includes 52 scenarios for applicable to most time periods.  I believe Ross MacFarlane at one time attempted to work his way through Grant at a pace of one scenario per week for one year.  I do not recall if he made it through or not.  If so, that would be a daunting task.  I may have to search to verify.

What hobby goodies did you receive?


  1. Nice haul!

    I got a Sherman tank calendar from Scott R., a book on the Bulge from Don, and two books from Austin, one on Greek hoplite warfare, and one on the Civil War.

    And of course a lovely book on Castiglione!

    1. I hope you enjoy the Castiglione book (I did!). Good OB information and the photos provide a good feel for the terrain around Lake Garda in Northern Italy.

    2. I am already enjoying it and hankering to order some more Eureka figures.

  2. Nice haul Jonathan, the laminator is a keeper! I've been looking at my Saga battleboards and thinking they should be laminated but I don't have one.

    Books are always a treat. I got Pyrrhus of Epirus, Roman Conquests- Madeconia and Greece and a book on the War of the Roses. I'm afraid to read the last because it might pull me into another period to paint and play. First though, we have to put down paintbrushes long enough to read. ;-)

  3. "I'm afraid to read the last because it might pull me into another period to paint and play."

    I suffer from the same affliction! A book; a movie; a trip to a battlefield; a game at a convention; all put me at risk of beginning the perilous trip down that road leading to a new period and a pile of lead.