Monday, November 11, 2013

Battle of Gaugamela FoG BatRep

Terry hosted a Gaugamela game using Fields of Glory.  The v2.0 rulebook was out on the table so, perhaps, we were playing under the newer version.

Troops were laid out before we arrived.  After a brief historical commentary and troop orientation, we dove into the game.  Terry and Kim commanded the Persians while Allen and myself commanded the Macedonians.

Battleground was featureless so nothing to slow down or stop Darius' chariots.  With the Macedonian pike in echelon and their slow pace, it might be awhile before the phalanx will be in position to participate.
Initial deployments
Not wasting any time, both cavalry wings begin to close upon each other.  Persians seemed to have a superior force opposing Alexander.  For Alexander, quality will need to trump quantity today.
Both cavalry wings begin to close
Clash!  Almost immediately, action on the wing heats up.  The outnumbered Macedonian cavalry fall to disrupted while the Macedonian skirmishers begin to feel over extended.  Elite Companion cavalry ready themselves to act upon either threat.
Clash on the right
Companions are instead, themselves, attacked by a combination of Persian cavalry and chariots.  Skirmishers retreat back through the ranks before the enemy can close. In the following horse vs foot clash, Macedonian medium infantry are disrupted by the Persian cavalry while the delaying cavalry force on the right drops to fragmented.  Having failed to break the Macedonians, both Persian chariots scatter.
Melee expands
Defeating the small Macedonian horse unit on the right, the victorious Persian cavalry are immediately attacked by the Companions.  Alexander leads the way.  
Companions hit Persian cavalry
Meanwhile in the center, Macedonian pike blocks plod forward.
Macedonian pike blocks
While Macedonian right is embroiled in a whirlwind of activity, in the distance the Macedonian left comes under pressure from enemy cavalry, elephants, and chariots.
Early game overview
Greek cavalry on the Macedonian left are hit by large numbers of Persian cavalry while simultaneously Persian light cavalry attempt to outflank the Greeks.  Fortunately for Alexander, Greek cavalry are able to neutralize the threat on the left by driving off most opposition.
Cavalry clash on the left
Greeks attacked from two fronts
Stuck in combat with the Persian cavalry, Alexander and his Companions are unable to either breakthrough or break away from their opponents.  Unable to respond, Alexander gets reports that the Persians have broken the right and are streaming into his rear.
Alexander locked in melee
After spending most of the battle engaged in mortal combat with the Persian horse, Alexander finally vanquishes his foe as the heavy infantry clash in the center.  With his right in disarray and his left holding steady, the outcome of the battle falls onto the tenacity of his heavy infantry in the center.
Heavy infantry clash
Heavy infantry in melee
Alexander's phalanxes do not begin the melee well.  Most pike blocks are disrupted and then one by one each fails and then breaks towards the rear.
Clash in the center 1
Clash in the center 2
Clash in the center 3
With the collapse of the Macedonian center, Alexander's army morale breaks, leaving Darius controlling the plain of Gaugamela.


  1. Great battle to play with great miniatures! thanks for sharing your after battle report...


  2. Ouch! Pike is so tough in FoG. ++ in impact and ++ in melee. I hate facing pike but this time, they failed to pull it out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Quite right! That pike block folded more quickly than a cheap lawn chair.


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