Friday, November 1, 2013

28mm Punic War - Numidian Skirmishers

I finished off a brisk October with Numidian foot skirmishers from Black Tree Design.  Well proportioned figures with good detail.  Not as chunky in style as the last two units of Renegade have been.  Based for Impetvs, these two stands of four figures each provide light missile capability for the Carthaginians.

Added to the existing slinger and archer skirmishing stands, the Carthaginian contingent is beginning to catch-up to its Roman opposition.  In bare lead remain several handfuls of Renegade Libyan javelin men. Certainly enough figures to field both additional skirmish stands and at least one FL unit for Impetvs.  

In other news, according to an announcement on TMP, Renegade Miniatures has closed up shop.  Hopefully, only temporarily.  Now, that I am back onto the Punic Wars project, I have need for more of their figures.  Enough figures remain to field one more stand of Renegade Princepes and a few Spanish and Carthaginians.  I could really use some of their cavalry.  I guess this is a reminder that projects should be bought in bulk rather than in "just in time" lots.  For Roman reinforcements, Aventine will become my primary supplier.  The Aventine figures are great but no Carthaginians (yet). 


  1. Lovely bunch, I especially like the cowskin shields! So these fellows must be the fellows whose (light) horses are in the shop for repairs? ;-)

  2. Thanks, Monty. Good one about the repair shop! In every army , when you run out of horses, troopers fight on foot.

  3. Those javelins look mighyt big and pointy!

  4. Fantastic, paintjob is excellent as always and the shields are amazing!

  5. Agree with Monty, the shields are ace.


  6. Great work Jonathan, I read about Renegade today!

    1. Thanks, Francis!

      Yeah, too bad about Renegade. I hope they can get their business plan back on track. I, for one, would like more figures.


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