Thursday, November 7, 2013

CCA: Agrigentum 262 BC BatRep

With no recent gaming activity, I decided to take myself up on an offer for a solitaire game of Commands & Colors Ancients using my 6mm miniatures and hex mat.  For the scenario, I turned to  Looking for something during the Punic Wars, I settled on the Battle of Agrigentum, 262 BC.
Battle of Agrigentum
Historically, the Carthaginians under Hanno were defeated.  According to statistics from, each side has won about 50% of the time.  Looking at the OOB and deployments, the Romans dominate Carthage in heavier foot.  Although outnumbering the Romans in cavalry (including elephants) 5 to 2, I find elephants difficult to utilize properly.  Each side gets five command cards and first to seven banners wins.

Initial dispositions

Carthage begins by pushing light troops forward with the light cavalry on the Carthaginian right advancing to within striking distance of the Roman line.  Rome responds by advancing two medium infantry in the center.  Continuing to press with the light cavalry, attacks against the Roman medium cavalry on the Roman left are made.  Rolling two flags, the Roman medium cavalry is unable to fulfill the retreat and is destroyed.  One banner to Carthage.

Romans counterattack one of the light cavalry and drives it off causing two hits.  The Roman left advances towards the Carthaginian line.  Hanno unleashes the two warriors and they plunge into the light infantry.  One light infantry is destroyed due to a combination of casualties and blocked retreat.

One warrior band follows up and hits the Roman medium infantry standing in reserve.  Both take casualties and the warrior is driven off from the Roman line.

Roman left advances and attacks the warrior unit that is slightly over extended.  Both combatants take casualties but hold their ground.
Attacks continue on both flanks as combatants close into contact.  The warriors are driven back with heavy casualties.

Playing a Order Medium Troops card, the Roman player continues pressing ahead with his medium infantry while his medium cavalry on the right attacks.

The Romans are victorious on both flanks.  One warrior is destroyed on the Roman left while the Carthaginian medium cavalry is destroyed on the right.  In follow-up, the Roman cavalry causes two hits on the light infantry and forces it to retreat.  Banner count is Rome 2 Carthage 3.

The Carthaginian center remains solid as elephants approach the front line.
Casualties mount as elephants enter into battle.  Elephant on the right pushes back medium infantry while the elephant on the left rampages and overruns the already damaged warrior to its rear.  Banners are now Rome 3; Carthage 3.

Vitulus follows up against the rampaging elephant eliminating it while Carthaginian heavy infantry takes out one Roman medium infantry.  Banner count Rome 4:4.

Vitulus pursues deep into the Carthaganian rear while center activity heats up.  In these clashes, Rome loses its medium cavalry while destroying two Carthaginian infantry.  Banner count now 6:5.

Hanno continues advancing the remnants of his line while Vitulus runs amok in his rear.  As a final blow, Vitulus destroys the light infantry and the Carthaginian army breaks.

Another fun game of CCA that was closely contested until the end.  The mix of light and auxiliary foot was no match for the heavier Roman foot.  Once both lines were engaged in the center, the lighter Carthaginians were ground down.  Besides the elephants, it did help Hanno to have his sole heavy infantry deployed in his first line of battle.  One bonus of CCA is that each game can vary greatly due to the card selection.  That way, replay value remains high.  I'll give this scenario another try.


  1. Great Bat Rep, your figures really looked the part


    1. Thanks, Ian! CCA is really a fun little diversionary game. When played against a live opponent, we can easily knock-out a half dozen games in an afternoon session.

  2. I love the game moving to miniature. Well done!

    1. Thanks, Monty! I prefer the game with miniatures too.

  3. Nice job! I sent my C&C collection back to New Zealand recently since I can play it with miniatures, but after reading this I've got a nasty feeling I might have forgotten to keep the cards here!

    1. Extra card decks can be purchased. You could make your own, though. I made a card deck for Samurai Battles from the graphics contained within the VASSAL module.

  4. Very nice, great pictures and explanations...


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