Thursday, October 13, 2011

Painting Lull

Nearly two months since my prior update. What have I been doing? As seen from the AUG and SEP Painting Tallies, not much. In the painting work that did get finished, most centered on the 18mm SYW project. The only other completed units were my first Brigade Games British (nice figures) and one Austrian grenadier battalion for the 1859 campaign. Hopefully, October's output will see an improvement.

Met with Scott at Kevin's for two games on Saturday. I GM'd the morning game consisting of a Napoleonic brigade action set in the Peninsula. In the afternoon, Kevin GM'd a similarly sized Napoleonic game set in Egypt. Sunday's planned game at Scott's was scrubbed due to illness.

My game was based on the action on the Coa in 1810 where the British were attacked by the French near Almeda. The British goal was to either hold the village and bridge or failing that, escape over the bridge and deny the crossing of the Coa to the French. The French focused the thrust of their attack towards the British LOC and effectively cut the the British off from their escape route. Below is one shot of the Coa action with the French bearing down upon the British defenders and forcing them to fall back away from their LOC. Unfortunately, for the British in our game, the British made a stubborn defense at the village and were virtually eliminated.

18mm SYW Project:
Battalion #1 of Austrian IR#48 - Luzan was completed in July and battalion #2 appears in the August Painting Tally. Also in August, I finished the first battalion of Austrian IR#7 Neipperg and four squadrons of horse. These four squadrons were mustered to bring two Austrian horse regiments up to six squadron strength.

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