Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Projects Update

Austin dropped a bombshell on the group this weekend. The surprising news is that A. is packing up and heading south to Phoenix. While complaining about the Spokane winter was a frequent pastime, I didn't expect the move so suddenly. I've grown to enjoy our semi-regular painting nights and those gatherings will be missed. Good luck Austin.

18mm SYW Project:
Four squadrons of Prussian Cuirassier Regiment #6 are finished. On the table are 24 of the Blue Moon FIW French figures that I will be painting as one battalion of the Swiss Diesbach Regiment. Although typically fielded with the French, I don't see why the Austrians couldn't commandeer a Swiss regiment or two. Besides, it will add a spot of color to the white menace. These Blue Moon French are really outstanding figures and I'm anxious to see them finished.

15mm Napoleonic Project:
Two regiments of Spanish foot are finished. Both units feature figures from Old Glory's Spanish Voluntarios bags. Since no evidence suggests that the Spanish fielded artillery during the Battle of La Albuera, only two Portuguese artillery batteries remain to complete on the Allied side. Well, I must double check the Portuguese foot, I may need one more regiment.

30mm ECW Project:
Colors for four horse regiments have been applied. Those regiments receiving flags are Haselrigg, Waller, Maurice, and Prince of Wales. The figures from the last game are still in place on the tabletop. Perhaps, I'll reset and give the scenario a solitaire run-through before turning my attention towards Albuera.

6mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):
The Litko bases have arrived and the transition from current basing to 24mm x 45mm will begin shortly. Jake is working on finishing up the remainder of the cavalry from our project swap. Once completed, I'll have enough figures for a small game.

February 2011 Painting Totals:
Painting output was down in February due to a number of factors but I managed to clear the ready-to-paint box of the 1st Corps German cavalry that had been in the queue for far too long. Now that all of my 25mm ancients are finished, I need to figure-out what to do with them. The foot are mounted on 30mm x 60mm and the horse are mounted on two-inch squares. Perhaps, March output will show improvement.

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