Thursday, December 8, 2011

Projects Update

Scott and Kevin came over on Saturday for several hours of Command and Colors: Ancients and a good bit of kibitzing. I lost count on the number of games played but I believe the total may have been around a dozen. Twelve games in four hours including a break for lunch is quite an impressive feat. Most of the games were real nail-biters coming down to the last banner. Great fun and a system we should put into rotation more frequently.

With the ECW collection pictorially documented, I ought to consider tackling another collection to add to the documentum. With only a few units of 28mm Punic War Romans completed, perhaps, that would be an easy, next step.

30mm ECW Project:
Work is finished on the final Scottish foote regiment. Painted in hodden grey, this Renegade regiment can be fielded with either combatant. Although Scott commented that the Renegade figures look a little squashed, I like the look of the Renegade ECW line and they are a pleasure to paint.

What I found in the ECW Ironsides' games played is that the size of my current collection is at the "sufficient and complete" stage. That is, twelve units of foote and nine regiments of horse (per side) deployed the length of a twelve foot table not only "completely" covers the length of the table but keeps two players per side "sufficiently" engaged. Actually, this force size allows four or five players per side assigned as:
2 cavalry commanders - one for each wing
2 infantry commanders - one for each infantry brigade (or first line and second line)
1 Lord General/Master of Ordinance

18mm SYW Project:
Ordered a few Blue Moon figures to add to the collection. My plan is to add Hessian Jaegers from the BM AWI range as Prussian jaegers and Hessian fusiliers as Prussian fusiliers. Since the BM French fit in nicely with the Eureka range, I am hopeful that the BM Hessians will fit in with the Eureka Prussians. To my eye, the Eureka fusiliers' mitre is too big with respect to the grenadiers so I am hopeful to use the BM Hessian fusiliers for future, Prussian fusilier battalions.

Battle of Albuera:
The Battle of Albuera is slated for 17DEC2011. I changed the earlier initial deployments to begin the game at the 0800 turn rather than the 0930 turn. The French will now have the options of attack points and not be forced into initial assaults on the Allied right. The Spanish will still be in their initial north-south deployments on the heights and will have to maneuver into positions to counter any French attacks or redeployments. Godinot is still poised to assault la Albuera at the start.

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