Sunday, April 24, 2011

Projects Update

I won auctions for a few items on eBay recently. Most notable, is a collection of 6mm rivers from JR Miniatures. NIB sets containing a good assortment of shapes, including,
  • 1-#3402 - River Y
  • 1-#3403 - River Ford
  • 1-#3405 - River Turn
  • 1-#3406 - River Curve
  • 1-#3408 - River S Curve
  • 2-#3420 - River set
Nice looking pieces that appear quite durable. I would have preferred more straight sections but the collection is a welcome acquisition. The addition of these pieces will allow me more flexibility in scenario layout.

Command Colors Ancients/Napoleonics:
The CCN games continue. Although Scott was unable to attend, Kevin, Dylan, and I will met Friday evening for two battles. We missed Scott's rules' expertise but those are the vagaries of war. Game One was a continuation of Kevin and Dylan's Waterloo game. Kevin's expert use of the French artillery blew big holes in the British defenses exterminating enough British units to take the win. Game Two saw Dylan and I face off in Rolica (Second Position). Despite managing to squeeze the British through the narrow ravines on each flank and threaten the French defensive positions, the firepower of the batteries and lights destroyed enough of the attacking British to take the game. This is an interesting puzzle for the British. How do you advance up three narrow defiles and attack the strong French positions at the top of the ridge in a coordinated fashion? Clearly, I failed in the first attempt. Rolica deserves a second chance.

15mm Napoleonic Project: Albuera
The final two regiments of Spanish foot are ready to be fielded. Now, all participants for La Albuera are mustered and ready for battle. Of course, the allies will be without artillery limbers but so be it.

18mm SYW Project:
Both Austrian cuirassier squadrons noted in the earlier post are finished. Picked up a resupply of Eureka Austrian and Prussian foot from Scott at our game on the 9th.

6mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):
Basing the Baccus 6mm collection continues and I painted 12 Spanish cavalry that I had laying around. One correction from an earlier posting: The base size is actually 24mm x 45mm rather than the 30mm x 45mm I noted. Of course, elephants are mounted singly on a 25mm x 30mm base. On order from Baccus are a small assortment of 2nd Punic War figures from their retooled range. I'm getting a bit excited about getting these forces together for a miniatures version CCA. While not my longest running, orphan project, this Carthaginian collection began in 2002. With a little luck, these 6mm ancients will see the table top in 2011. Not quite 10 years between concept and execution but pretty close.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
Work begins this weekend on the sample battalion of early French from Brigade Games. The facial features and bicornes on these figures really provide much character. Looking forward to seeing these painted. In addition to the 16 Brigade figures on the production line, are two Front Rank French skirmishers that I had neglected to paint in fielding an earlier battalion.

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