Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Project - 28mm Reconquista

Jake and I have been been discussing the prospects of a joint project for a few months.  Initially, the discussions focused on a small, SAGA-sized force.  A little arm twisting resulted in scope creep with thoughts of an Impetvs-sized force.  

Jake already jumped in and churned out several units for the Christian states while I plan to field combatants from the Muslim states.  Some of Jake's completed Christian forces can be seen at the links below:

Dismounted Knights

To start, Black Tree Design figures dominate the unpainted lead stockpile.  BTD offers frequent and deep discounts so picking up figures at a discount minimizes cost while providing figures of excellent quality.

My first Impetvs-sized unit off the painting table is one unit of twelve swordsmen from BTD's Warriors of Islam range.

With an array of equipment and costume, my first impression is that an Andalus army will be a very colorful and varied force on the gaming table.  Currently on the painting table are twelve spear armed warriors.  For variety, Artizan and Gripping Beast may also make appearances within the ranks once the core Andalus army of BTD figures nears completion.  That point may be a long way off since the BTD stockpile is quite large.  


  1. Beautiful, really beautiful!

  2. Wonderful work with a great mix of figures and colors. This is a period that I don't know much about so I'm going to sit back and enjoy watching your force take shape. And learn something!

    1. Thanks, Monty!

      Two years ago, a visit to Spain sparked my interest in the period. I guess we will both be learning about this period as the project progresses.

  3. That's an interesting choice for a new project. Looks great!

    1. I know, I know...no need for another project but hopefully this won't turn into a project that Monty would deem a "What was I thinking" venture!

      You also know how difficult it is for me to pass up on a figure bargain.


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