Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2013 Project Recap Through June

Well, the painting log book has been closed on the first half of 2013.  Time to assess and reassess my progress YTD.  The pace of painting seemed a bit more leisurely in the first half but my memory of events may be hazy.  I'll let the data speak for itself.

When the numbers were tallied, I ended having painted 640 figures with an Analog Hobbies' scale-adjusted (or size-adjusted for those purists) figure count of 2,222 points.

Thus far, the largest single percentage of completed figures occurred in the 28mm AWI project.  That result is not surprising since I made an early year push to field figures for our first AWI game.  By scale, 28mm topped the categories although I should consider combining 15mm and 18mm.  Not too sure why I deem it important to distinguish between the two but, for now, I do.  25mm could, likewise, be rolled into 28mm.

When adjusted for figure size, the 28mm AWI Project again takes top honors at 31.5% with the 28mm Punic Wars project coming in at second with about 19%.  By scale, 28mm consumes over 50% of YTD output.

Have my 2013 Project Plans wandered too far astray?  I'll recount briefly:

Risorgimento 1859 (15mm) - On Track
I managed to get an initial game under my belt when I refought the Battle of San Martino.  Commanders have been added as have a few more guns.  A pile of limbers remain in the queue.  Why is it I procrastinate with limbers?

Samurai Battles (15mm) - 
On Track
My goal was having 12 units and I now have 12 units.  I succeeded in getting my figures on the game table for their first Samurai Battles game. I plan to add at least one more brigade-sized force (six units) to the collection.

American War of Independence (28mm) 
- On Track
Eight British regiments were added but no new German regiments.  The project with 9 British regiments and 6 German regiments has reached critical mass with enough figures to field a gamable force.  We played one game, Battle of Freeman's Farm.

Napoleonics in the Peninsula (28mm) 
 - Off Track
No new Napoleonics have crossed the paint desk.  Would really like to field a couple of British gun limbers and teams.  Perhaps, I can get back on track in the second half of the year?

Seven Years War (18mm) 
- On Track
Goal is to hold a first game with these figures. No game yet but...
foot, horse, and guns have all been added to the collection for both Austria and Prussia.  Still need to muster jaegers and grenz for the light contingents for each combatant.  One goal for 2013 was to pull all of the figures from their boxes and photograph the entire collection. With Maurice arriving recently, a first game using Maurice is not unthinkable.  I say expectations are being met with respect to progress but I should photograph the collection. 

American Civil War (10mm) 
- On Track
My goal included fielding more hardware in the form of guns, limbers, and wagons.  I added six guns, six limbers, two wagons, and a few infantry regiments.  I have more guns and limbers to field.  Work slowly progresses on a Battle of Port Republic scenario.

1799 Bonaparte in Italy/Switzerland (18mm) 
 - Off Track
No progress on this project.

Ancients (28mm) 
- On Track+
On the ancients project, I am way ahead of planned activities.  I only committed to 24 Spanish but have completed 84 figures with more to come.

So far in 2013, I have maintained a respectable focus on my painting goals and meeting most of them.  The 1799 project will likely be pushed back as a new project comes to the front in the second half of the year.


  1. I'd call that pretty impressive output myself! :-)

    1. Thank you!

      Once I see the arrival of your Foundry Napoleonic guns, I may add those to my growing list.

  2. Great work and great focus! It's funny, I have a few friends who're worried because we are spread out over 3 rules/periods and thinking of more, You're meanwhile working on 8 periods! :-)

    1. I often envy those who are able to narrow their focus to only one or two periods. Clearly, I am not in their camp!

      Polls asking to choose only one gaming period provoke a bit of anxiety...

    2. I often envy those who are able to narrow their focus to only one or two periods. Clearly, I am not in their camp!

      Polls asking to choose only one gaming period provoke a bit of anxiety...

  3. Very impressive, Jon. Now we need to find more time to USE the pretty troops.


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