Monday, November 26, 2012

Hex Hills For Commands and Colors

Having converted Commands and Colors: Ancients from boardgame to miniatures game, I needed a satisfactory method of terraining the game map when the battle was not fought on the typical plain.  Since my game map has 2 inch hexes, I used a combination of 50mm hex and 40mm round wooden bases from Litko from which to construct the hills. 

Figure 1 shows the stages of creating one hill for my 6mm ancients game board.

 This is a very simple activity and produces a dozen or more hills in little time.  The steps in the process are:
  1. Gather one 40mm round and one 50mm hex.
  2. Using wood glue, affix 40mm round to center of 50mm hex.
  3. With dry wall spackle, cover the surface to eliminate abrupt edges and to produce a more rounded hill.  Let dry.
  4. Paint. 
  5. Flock - flocking used for the hill matches the flocking used for the figure bases.
  6. Spray clear matt to reduce any gloss and help affix flocking to terrain piece. 

The finished product is seen below in the set up for the Lake Trasimene scenario.

To my eye, these hills are both aesthetic without overpowering the game board and add a functional, yet minimalist approach to enhancing the game.  The water feature is a JR Miniatures' river section.    

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