Thursday, November 15, 2012

15mm 1859 Project Update

Good progress made on the 1859 project with both Austrian and Sardinian artillery, and Sardinian heavy cavalry being sent off the painting table.

First up, are six Austrian guns with crew.  Figures are Old Glory.  The headgear on the Old Glory artilleryman is different from both the Mirliton Austrian artillery uniform and the uniform information I have on the Austrian artillerymen in 1859.  I'm wondering if the Old Glory crew are wearing the 1866 style uniform?  Since the year (either 1859 or 1866) is unspecified on the Old Glory packaging, I'll claim these artillerymen are in the later 1866 style.   

Added to the Italians are two guns and crew

and twelve heavy cavalry from the Piedmonte Reale Regiment.

The Italian guns/crew and cavalry are Mirliton.  For horse and guns, I prefer the Mirliton figures over Old Glory but the Old Glory Italian infantry are quite nice and get the nod over Mirliton.  Now, I have only purchased the Mirliton advancing pose so my judgment may be premature.
Continuing the 1859 theme, two battalions (36 figures) of Old Glory Austrians are on the painting table.  These two battalions will muster out as IR59/3 and IR59/Grenadiers. The Old Glory Austrians range from good-to-excellent but some poses suffer from either an elongated neck or are prone to losing their heads.  Austrian officers are particularly susceptible to the latter affliction.

With refighting the battle of San Martino as a first goal for this project, time to take stock of my progress.  At San Martino, the Sardinians fielded, primarily, two divisions.  With the OB for the 2nd Division complete, one more division equivalent-sized force needs to be fielded.  Completing three more infantry regiments should be sufficient to field the complete Sardinian contingent.  Notice that I should have spent more thought on planning based on the San Martino OB before I began fielding painted units.  At San Martino, the 3rd and 5th divisions participated in the battle while I began by fielding the 2nd Division.

For the Austrians, I more closely followed the OB by concentrating on Benedek's 8th Corps.  The only remaining infantry units to field are three battalions from the 39th IR, two battalions of the 59th IR, and four, assorted 4th battalions.  Some of the Austrian regiments fielded less than their four battalions at the battle so I may have enough Austrians for the battle now.   

Each block represents either one battery, one squadron, or one battalion.      

1st Piedmontese DIV

4th Piedmontese DIV

1st BDE (Grantieri di Sardegna)

1st BDE (Regina)

1st Grenadier RGT

9th Line RGT

2nd Grenadier RGT

10th Line RGT

3rd Bersaglieri BN

7th Bersaglieri BN

2nd BDE (Savoria)

2nd BDE (Savona)

1st Line RGT

15th Line RGT

2nd Line RGT

16th Line RGT

4th Bersaglieri BN

6th Bersaglieri BN

8 lb Batteries

8 lb Batteries

16 lb Battery

Novara Light Horse

Alessandria Light Horse

2nd Piedmontese DIV

5th Piedmontese DIV

1st BDE (Piedmonte)

1st BDE (Casale)

3rd Line RGT

11th Line RGT

4th Line RGT

12th Line RGT

9th Bersaglieri BN

8th Bersaglieri BN

2nd BDE (Aosta)

2nd BDE (Acqui)

5th Line RGT

17th Line RGT

6th Line RGT

18th Line RGT

1st Bersaglieri BN

5th Bersaglieri BN

8 lb Batteries

8 lb Batteries

16 lb Battery

16 lb Battery

Aosta Light Horse

Saluzzo Light Horse

3rd Piedmontese DIV

Cavalry DIV

1st BDE (Cuneo)

1st BDE

7th Line RGT

Nizza Heavy Horse RGT

8th Line RGT

Savoia Heavy Horse RGT

10th Bersaglieri BN

2nd BDE

2nd BDE (Pinerolo)

Piedmonte Reale Hv Horse

13th Line RGT

Genova Horse RGT

14th Line RGT

2nd Bersaglieri BN

8 lb Horse Batteries

8 lb Batteries

Reserve Artillery

16 lb Battery

16 lb Batteries

Monferrato Light Horse

15cm Howitzer Battery


Not Painted

8th Corps: Benedek

1st DIV

2nd DIV

1st BDE

1st BDE

2nd BN, Kaiser Jager RGT

5th BN, Kaiser Jager RGT

7th Line IR

17th Line IR

6 lb Foot Battery

6 lb Foot Battery

2nd BDE

2nd BDE

2nd BN, 4th Grenz RGT

3rd Jager BN

11th Line IR

39th Line IR

6 lb Horse Battery

6 lb Horse Battery

Reserve Artillery

3rd BDE

1st Kaiser Hussar RGT

9th Jager BN

59th Line IR


6 lb Horse Battery

3rd Kaiser FJ Dragoon RGT

12th Haller Hussar RGT

4th BDE

1st Stadion Dragoon RGT

4th BN 9th IR


4th BN 27th IR

37th Line RGT

4th BN 18th IR

4th BN 19th IR

6 lb Horse Battery


  1. The cavalry are impressive. The long lances make them really stand out.

    1. For these cavalry, I opted for piano wire over the soft metal lances that came with the Mirliton cavalry. I may try the Mirliton lances with a regiment of Austrian Uhlans that will be the next horse unit on the painting table. Appreciate the comment.


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