Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cycling and CC:A

I drove down to Moscow on Saturday for cycling and a CCA game with Jake.

For CCA, Jake singled out the 2nd Battle of Beneventum. I took command of the Carthaginians while Jake commanded the Romans. The battle started off well for the Carthaginians as I pressed the attack on the right. The Romans took heavy casualties and two units were destroyed. Jake thought all was lost but he brought the heavy infantry up with Gracchus attached and stopped my attack. Romans then took advantage of the over-extended Carthaginian right by destroying two Carthaginian units. Both sides then closed on the Carthaginian left and the initial Carthaginian elephant attack was repulsed. Romans counterattacked and was stopped. Jake attacked again and this time broke through the Carthaginian left. In these attacks/counterattacks, the Carthaginian lost three medium infantry units. These losses dropped the Carthaginian offensive capability to near zero. The Roman player then picked off one more unit in the center and killed the attached leader.

Battle of Beneventum ended with a 7-4 Roman victory.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
In preparation for Kevin's Napoleonic game on the 23rd, I committed to painting two squadrons of British light dragoons. I also managed to complete one more British line battalion in time for the game. Well, not quite completed since I still have to dip and base the figures but will be completed by Sunday. Also nearing completion are 10 dismounted dragoons.

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