Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Game Day: 28mm Napoleonics in Peninsula

Kevin hosted a large Peninsular battle on the 23rd including a large table having custom-made, arid terrain.  Nicely done, Kevin!

The scenario involved five British/Allied brigades (3 inf, 2 cav) defending against a French attack consisting of four infantry brigades and two cavalry brigades.

The battle began briskly as both combatants pushed their cavalry aggressively on the British right flank.  Around the farmhouse, heavy French skirmishing forced the defenders to fall back from the walls allowing the French to make a breach.  Before the British could counterattack, French legere pushed the British completely out of the compound.  

Returning to the cavalry battle, outnumbering the British 17 squadrons to 12, French horse gradually gained the upper hand and sent the British horse streaming from the battlefield. With the collapse of the British right and pressure mounting across the battlefield,  British commander ordered a general withdrawal.

Victory to the French!
Initial Troop Deployments
Cavalry Action Begins on the British Right Flank
French Push British Out of Walled Farmhouse
Allied Center as French Skirmishers Advance on Keep
French Pressure the Allied Center After Clearing Farmhouse
End Game: British Left Falls Back as British Right Collapses

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