Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From Website to Blog

The Palouse Wargaming Journal has migrated into the blogosphere. While the website provided more control and functionality, a blog seems to provide easier maintenance. I'll give blogging through this medium a try. Currently, all 2012 entries from the website have been converted and migrated into this blog. Conversion is not an easy task but I will convert additional postings as time permits.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
In preparation for Kevin's game on the 23rd, I completed two British units: the 26th Regiment of foot and two squadrons of the 14th Lt Dragoons.

The 26th comprises 20 Brigade Games' British infantry including two skirmishers.

The 14th Lt Dragoons are Front Rank.

6mm Ancients (Punic Wars) Project:
In my last Command and Colors: Ancients game with Jake, the scenario required one unit of light bow. I didn't have any bow in my collection and had to requisition the bowmen from Jake's collection. Now, that problem has been resolved with the addition of six stands of light bow (48 figures).


  1. Hey this is David here from:

    Checked out your site from the link that MacPhee Miniature Men put on, quite impressed especially with your Battle of Zama- I think I am a Carthagininan from way back!.. Keep up thr good work, maybe you can check my blog out?

  2. Hi David, your pikemen are very nice. While units in the "push of pike" pose look quite menacing, I found that they aren't practical for gaming. I have a few ECW foot in "push of pike" and the pikes are always getting in the way.

  3. Well tahnk you very much for the comment! I agree, this is why I needed to do the front base longer than the rest to cover for the outstretching pike. Mine are made of metal wire and can really draw blood! Would you ever consider the Italian Wars are you contempt to stick with English Civil War for your 'Pike-fix'?

    I am about to set off on a Jacobite Uprising jaunt, do you have any tips at all for me? (painting or preparation)

    PS I am still liking your site!

    1. Hopefully, I can resist the urge and contain myself to the ECW only. I added a page to the Page bar (30mm ECW) showing each of the units in my ECW collection if you want to see the entire collection.


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