Saturday, September 29, 2012

15mm AWI Frontier French and Germans

September showed a low figure count with respect to figures completed.  If not for the 48 6mm light bow completed in the last week, total count would have been under 30.  With a little luck, OCT counts will show improvement.

On the painting table are nine 28mm Renegade Roman cavalry and a dozen Renegade slingers.  The only progress made in the last week is painting the horse flesh.  Weather on the Palouse has been exceptional and many miles were logged on the bike.

Monthly Painting Tally for SEP 2012

Unit_Name Nation Era Scale Figure Cnt Equip Cnt
14th Light Dragoon Regiment Britain Napoleonic Wars 28mm 8
26th Infantry Regiment of Foot Britain Napoleonic Wars 28mm 20
Light Bow Spain Punic Wars 6mm 48
Totals 76

15mm AWI Project:
Below are three group shots of the allied contingents in my 15mm AWI Project.  All figures are Frontier with the exception of one or two command figures from Freikorps.  While the Frontier figures are all single pose, they hold much character and appear quite disciplined in mass. Figures are based with each regiment on one stand.

French: Left to right:
Rgts: Agenois, Saintonge, Combined grenadiers 

German: Left to right:
Rgts: Prinz Carl, Mirbach, Wutingau, von Donop

German: Left to right:
Rgts: von Trumbach, Grenadier Rall, von Ditfurth, von Lossberg


  1. they look great and really nice blog you have here

  2. I share your appreciation of the Frontier figures!

    1. Thanks, Hal! My opinion is that the Frontier AWI was way ahead of its time wrt sculpting and execution.


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