Monday, December 7, 2015

Battle of Raab Page Added

The Battle of Raab replay was a multi-month (April - July), solo game wherein army command decisions were generated by orders from two remote participants.  

Having the replay span several months and about a dozen posts, finding any particular point in the battle was difficult.  Compounding that difficulty was the discovery of the Blogger Search gadget not working.  Ripping out the Blogger Search gadget and replacing it with HTML seemed to solve one issue.  The second issue saw resolution by collecting all of the Raab posts onto one page and adding the summary to the Pages header as shown in the screenshot below:
The action is much easier to follow now that all episodes have been collected in one place.


  1. I think Raab is perhaps my favorite of all your battle reports, and I unifying it using a "page" on blogger is a good idea.

    As you know, I have made good use of pages on my blog to serve as lists and also indexes, with hyperlinks as you have done here.

    Good job!

    1. Appreciate your encouraging comment regarding Raab. That was a good one.

      This path may lead to madness. The San Martino BatRep is scattered about as well. Why not add that one too?

      Peter, you do a very good job of organizing your blog. I could use a nudge towards more organization and always welcome suggestions.

  2. Very well done Jonathan it does make following that battle much easier.


    1. Christopher, it makes following the battle easier for both of us!

  3. That was a good battle and a real hobby high point for me this year. I shall have to re-read those posts.


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