Friday, December 27, 2013

Battle of Okehazama Fort Marune - 1560 - BatRep

Game 2 in the DEC 23 Samurai Battles' replays, Imagawa against Oda.  Imagawa's first objective on the approach march to Kyoto was a series of forts controlled by Oda.  After a failed attack on the fort, Imagawa withdrew from battle.  The Oda garrison followed up on the withdrawing attackers which led the garrison into a trap.  That's the setup.  Now for the game.  First player to five banners wins.
The battle begins with Imagawa (predominately red) forces holding strong wing positions with a weaker center.  Oda forces hold a more central position.
Initial deployment
Imagawa right wing
Imagawa battleline
Imagawa leads with the mounted Samurai in an attempt to make a pre-emptive strike against Oda foot Samurai on the left.  Oda Samurai are destroyed but Imagawa cavalry suffer heavy damage in the exchange.  Oda cavalry commit to supporting the Oda right.
Samurai strike
Oda Samurai destroyed
In turn, the damaged Imagawa cavalry are destroyed by Oda Samurai and Imagawa Ashigaru spear on the Imagawa left are damaged through missile fire.  On the Oda left, attacks against the hills are thwarted.  Oda foot take heavy casualties and are repulsed by both missile fire and hand-to-hand clashes.
Imagawa cavalry destroyed
The first repulse on the Oda left fails to dampen the commander's ardor.  Into battle the line advances for a second time.  In the clash, an Oda foot unit is destroyed.  
Oda foot advance into the hornet's nest
Heavy fighting
Battle for the Oda left
While the battle rages in the valley below, Imagawa forces on the heights watch the action from relative safety. 
Imagawa force on the heights
Oda forces gain ground in the center but not without sustaining heavy casualties.  The damage to the Oda line is too much.  Imagawa counterattacks!  First the damaged cavalry capitulate and then a damaged unit of foot is destroyed.  Launching one more assault against Oda foot results in the yellow Ashigaru being destroyed.

Oda army breaks and Imagawa is victorious!  Banner count 5-3.
Oda gain ground
Imagawa Victorious!


  1. Another great looking game and it seems the Imagawa are on a roll!


    1. Thanks, Christopher! Remember, two data points do not a trend make...stay tuned.

  2. Another lively AAR! With the central position, I was thinking Oda might shift against one wing or the other and crush it. Maybe I should stop reading about Robert E. Lee. It's giving me ideas!

    1. Yeah about that... Samurai Battles is a Command and Colors engine, so you need the right cards to get that flank attack. Further, the hills and woods severely limit the attacker (max 2 diced for the attacker, 3/2 for the defender.). It essentially negates the advantage of having a commander present or using a powerful unit. Overall, this one is a tough not for the Oda as they are at a disadvantage in terms of position, units and missile troops

    2. Thanks, Monty! The game was actually closer than the ending banner count. I thought my Imagawa would get steam-rolled in the center before the flanks could engage.

  3. Nice report again! How long did the game take to play, roughly?

    1. Thanks, Peter. I believe this game took no more than one hour.

  4. Great report, these units are really impressive!

  5. Another impressive samurai game, Jonathan. You guys really know how to get a good bashing in. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks, Dean! Samurai Battles is both easy on the eyes and the head so multiple playings in one sitting is possible. Set up is fast and play progresses swiftly as well. That is, swiftly if we aren't stopping for photos or kibitzing every few minutes.


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