Friday, December 13, 2013

Straggling Packages and CC: Napoleonics

Kevin and I met to give his newly arrived and stickered Command & Colors: Napoleonics expansion "Austria" an initial test.  The scenario selected was Wertingen.  Wertingen occurred at the beginning of the 1805 campaign where Oudinot's Advanced Guard caught the Austrians off balance.  Initial deployments have the French with an elite force heavily dominated by heavy cavalry.  Austrians are spread across the board with limited cavalry but numerous infantry.
Initial deployments
In the initial phase of the battle, both forces advance towards the center.  Artillery exchanges cause some casualties.  On the French right, Austrians advance to within small arms range of the French grenadiers and begin a harassing fire.  Weakened by musketry, the grenadiers are charged by the lone Austrian heavy cavalry.  In a protracted melee, the grenadiers are destroyed.  Austrian line occupy most villages and prepare their defense.  
Combatants advance
With the right under threat and French cavalry taking fire from the villages, the French shift the bulk of their Advance Guard to the right.   In retaliation for the destruction of the French grenadiers, French cuirassiers hit the weakened Austrian cuirassiers.  The Austrian horse is destroyed.  Having most of the French occupying the right sector meant the French player would lose the initiative as unplayable cards were discarded one after the other. 
French make a right shift
Taking advantage of the French paralysis, the Austrians bring their gun and infantry up to musketry range.  Large, five block Austrian infantry coupled with little armed French opposition ensure that Austrian infantry excel in any protracted fire fights.  Pounding continues until the French breakpoint is reached.  Austrian victory! 

In the mail this week, several stragglers and replacements arrived.

First, Wargaming in History Volume 8 on the 1866 Austro-Prussian appeared after a lengthy back order.  Looking forward to spending time with this work over the holidays.

Second, a straggling pack of Crusader Miniatures' Spanish Spearmen for the Reconquista project arrived.  Great figures!  I would like to get a few more of these.  This single pack followed the main Caliver order by two months.  A couple of emails to Caliver were needed to keep this missing pack on the radar.

Finally, my earlier report detailing a Minden Miniatures' purchase with eight musketeers having broken bayonets was resolved.  Jim kindly sent eight replacement Prussians in a well-reinforced pack.  No damage with this batch.

On the painting desk, a number of different projects are seeing activity. They are:

  • Napoleonic British dragoons in 28mm
  • AWI British infantry in 28mm
  • Campanian hoplites in 28mm
  • Samurai foot in 15mm
  • Reconquista African spearmen in 28mm
  • Rebasing Spanish for SAW
Most of the above should move off the painting desk within the week.


  1. A great report and nice to see the stragglers catch up

    1. Thanks, Andrew. It required a bit of prodding in some instances but the stragglers did make it into camp.

  2. Cool stuff - I played a Command Colors Ancients game before - I liked the quick play of the system. Best, Dean

    1. Commands and Colors Ancients is my favorite of the genre. We've played that a lot. Also, the Samurai Battles Commands & Colors produces an excellent game with much period flavor. The Samurai Battles version offers plenty of nail-biting action where it is never over 'til it's over.

  3. I hope to play Wertingen too - maybe next weekend. The Austrians always were some sort of favorites of mine. Creating 1790s-battles for CCN would be a nice Option (Schliengen, Emmendingen, Amberg, Würzburg and so on).

    1. When you play Wertingen, please post your results!

    2. I won with the French 5:2, playing very agressively. I had some luck as the Austrians didn't managed to bring their troops behind Gottmannshausen into Action. Oudinot's Grenadiers rolled boldly over the Austrian left. The Austrian cavalry finished the Job before Auffenberg could react properly. You may find some of my reports here:,24086.0.html

      Wertingen, Günzburg and Sacile are of the better balanced/more interesting Scenarios of the Austrian expansion. I can remember the time when I played most of the Peninsular battles of the Basic rules set within a month. It was just so exciting.

      I would recommend Michael's Meßkirch-scenario on the CCN-hp.

    3. Good reports! I enjoy the photos but, unfortunately, I cannot read German.

      Congratulations on your victory!