Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wargames Foundry Bargains?


I once bought many Wargames Foundry figures but have not done so in a number of years.  Why? Interests change and Wargames Foundry figures became too expensive for my tastes given the appearance of acceptable substitutes.

However, after receiving a recent advertisement from Foundry, I undertook an exercise in financial computation.

The advert announced a 20% discount for newsletter subscribers and a cool free figure.
That is a nifty dismounted cuirassier for either the ECW or TYW.  It might make the beginnings of an interesting command stand to be fielded in my ECW collection.

Back to the advert, Foundry states,

This will be the first time we've tried having one of these! This 20% discount is only available to people who are subscribed to our newsletter. The 20% is taken off your cart before postage is added, and all other offers and discounts STILL APPLY.  This discount expires midnight on Tuesday 15th October GMT

That results in a 20% discount on top of the existing Army Discounts.  What does that mean?  Well, after a few calculations, I found buying 16 packs to get the 6 free packs plus the 20% discount reduced the price per figure from about USD2.25 to about USD1.33.  That's about a 41% discount and FREE SHIPPING!  How can I pass up such a bargain?   

With the 28mm Reconquista project having reached critical mass and first games under my belt, perhaps, beginning a new Impetvs project might be considered?  I have been interested in extending my ancient armies back in time to the Biblical period where chariots acted as shock troops.  Peter's recent parade of his ancient Egyptians, (see: Blunders on the Danube especially Egyptian Armies), got me daydreaming about fielding my own Biblical era force.

Foundry offers many interesting Biblical era ranges:
  • Assyrian - great variety but what happened to the chariots???
  • Canaan, Syrian & Mitanni 
  • Egyptian
  • Hittite
  • Sea People
  • Trojans, Myceneans & Minoans

What should I choose?


  1. I have the Trojans and Myceneans, and they are very nicely done - if I can just get around to painting them! I've also always dreamed of having an Egyptian army from Foundry. Good luck with your order!!

  2. Trojan war, certainly!

    I have been thinking Broze Age myself.

  3. Oh, this is sooo tempting. I've been mulling over a Foundry paint buy. Maybe paint and lead? I need to go take a look. You sir, are a fountain of good information. THANKS!

  4. By the way, locally we're still in British Summer Time (GMT+1) so that means that you've only actually got until 23:00 our time on Tuesday to get your orders in. Foundry could have made (another) cock up, but, knowing wargamers, it's as well not to leave it until the last minute!

  5. The Foundry Biblical range is indeed fantastic and one of my favourite. I'm partial to Canaan: if it can help you make a decision, have a look at my Blog for many pictures of the Foundry Canaanite, since I started a Canaanite army last january. (just scroll past the few last posts).

    1. Your chariots are outstanding! Well done! I have been leaning towards Canaanites too. Right now, my preference would be:
      1. Canaanite
      2. Hittite
      3. NKE

      I will be following your progress closely.
      Nice stuff!

    2. Thanks for the kind words! Your top 3 is quite similar to mine. I like Canaan and NKE because you can recreate Megiddo, a favourite battle of mine.

      Just ask if I can help you with anything.


  6. At first I thought this post title was an oxymoron! Thanks for the information.