Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog Give Away Update

Being out of town all week for work has caused my painting to go to ground.  I'll return to the painting desk this weekend where I left several units in various stages of completion.
Going to ground
What did I leave unfinished on the painting desk?  Let's see, mounted samurai in 15mm, 28mm Carthaginian veteran infantry, and 28mm Muslim camelry.  

In the meantime, the blog contest draws to a close.  Participants have until Saturday 0600 PDT to get their name into the draw and make preferences noted.  With sample selection probability being weighted by commenting, following, pimping, and book ranking, your chance of winning can be increased greatly by declaring your top three books.  With the sampling selection code written, interim sampling trials show explicit book selection makes a big difference.

If contestants wish to make (or revise) book declarations, please do so before Saturday morning.

Thanks to all that have participated thus far.  While I have not checked out all of the new followers' blogs, many of these blogs are really outstanding.  Many of these blogs are new to me and I might never have stumbled upon them without your participation in the contest.

I thank you and good luck in the book drawing.


  1. Thank you for holding the contest, because at the very least I have found another good blog to read

  2. Cheers, Jonathan. Fingers crossed and waiting!

  3. Ok, ok, waiting for next post!


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