Sunday, March 3, 2013

Samurai Battles - Dismounted Samurai

With the push to field British for the recent 28mm AWI game, little progress was seen on other projects.  Now with bulk of the British and Germans fielded, attention can return to smaller painting tasks.  Soon to be fielded are a smattering of units from a number of projects.  Before heading off to Terry's Sunday game, I have just enough time to share a photo of the first such unit completed.

First off the painting table is a dismounted samurai unit and a foot leader stand.  All figures are from Peter Pig and, again, the figure quality is excellent.  Keeping the theme started with the mounted samurai, I opted for a splash of color in the banners.  Each foot samurai sports a distinct sashimono that adds much variety to the unit.  

Having completed these samurai, the only unpainted figures for this project are a couple of leader packs.  Each leader pack contains one mounted samurai and three foot attendants.  It should be a quick task to paint two more command stands from these packs. I need to place an order with Brookhurst Hobbies for a restock.

Marching down the painting production line in various stages of completion are 18mm SYW guns (four each for Austria and Prussia), two squadrons of Prussian hussars, and one regiment of 10mm confederates (60 figures).

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