Monday, March 18, 2013

Tropical Diversion

Updates have been missing due to my absence from the continent.  You see, to break up winter and escape the cold weather for a brief time, I jetted off to Hawaii for a relaxing nine day sabbatical.

My basic routine quickly became cycling each morning followed by snorkeling and sight seeing broken up with bouts of eating and reading.  On one afternoon snorkel, I had a close encounter with a green sea turtle.  I followed the massive beast for about 10 minutes while it glided along the reef.  What fun!  Too bad I didn't have an underwater camera with me.

Oahu has a number of excellent food trucks and many of our meals were taken therein.  One such stop was the Shrimp Shack near our home base of Punalu'u.  Coconut shrimp was excellent.

Best shave ice was in Haleiwa at Matsumoto's.  These treats were large, luscious, and quite inexpensive.  Every time we visited, there was a line out the door.  Great with vanilla ice cream!

One afternoon we spent wandering Waikiki and hiking to the top of Diamond Head.  Waikiki was not too crowded and the views from Diamond Head were spectacular.

Now, it is back to work...


  1. I'm green with envy! Out my window I see only snow and ice.

    Swimming with a sea turtle is a lifetime event. Really, a trip to Hawaii is that too!

    1. It does a soul good to break up the cold and darkness of winter with a visit to the land of sun. Sometimes, the destination is Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, or Hawaii. This year, Hawaii!

      The sea turtle encounter was quite by accident. I caught a glimpse of a dark object out the of the corner of my mask. My first thought was, "I hope that isn't a shark!" As the object veered away, I could see that it was a turtle and took up my shadowing of the beast.


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