Tuesday, March 19, 2013

18mm SYW Project - Artillery

While I finished these guns before leaving on holiday, only now did I have time to snap a couple of photos.  With this update, the SYW project adds eight guns to the artillery reserve; four guns for each combatant.  Total guns thus far stand at 22, bifurcated evenly between Austria and Prussia.  These eight guns were the last artillery and crew in inventory. All models are from Eureka's 18mm line of figures.
Austrian artillery
Prussian artillery
 I applied the Minwax treatment to each gun and crew before dullcoating.  To maintain consistency with the other guns, I pulled the already completed guns from their holding boxes and applied the Minwax treatment to them as well.

Next up for this project are two squadrons of Prussian hussars.  Still in the painting queue with primer are Prussian jaegers and Austrian grenz in skirmishing poses.


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