Thursday, December 6, 2012

Battle of Lake Trasimenus AAR

It seems an opportunity wasted to set up the Lake Trasimenus scenario solely for displaying the newly created hex hills.  With an expectation of no interruptions for a few hours, I set about a solo reply of the seemingly, lopsided scenario.  

We first played this scenario during one of our group's game nights.  In that replay, the Roman player thumped the Carthaginian player soundly.  Ersatz Hannibal grumbled quite a bit, only part of which was discernible.  Much of what I did catch revolved around the impossibility of the Romans extracting such a defeat on the Carthaginians and this outcome never could have happened.  That may have been his last game of CCA.  Do I remember the story correctly?

Anyway, I'll tackle this scenario in a solitaire fashion by running each side to the best of my abilities.

Turn 01
Hannibal chooses Order Medium to get both his medium cavalry and warriors closer to the Romans.  Mounted Charge was considered but Hannibal opted for advancing his medium troops first.

Flaminius plays a Line Command to advance his left and center away from the confines of the lake shore.

Turn 02 (1-1 tie)
Hannibal now plays the Mounted Charge card and all medium and light cavalry on the Carthaginian right charge forward into the Roman left.  Charge results are mixed with the light horse both giving and receiving hits without destroying any Romans.  The two medium cavalry concentrate on one of the auxilia and eliminate it after a vigorous pursuit.

Flaminius plays a Double Time card and four units in the center close quickly with the two slingers.  In combat, one of the slingers is destroyed while the other takes 50% casualties.  The combination of playing both Line Command and Double Time really improves the Roman position.

Turn 03 (2-2 tie)
Wanting to keep pressure on the Roman left, Hannibal orders a Mounted Attack.  The medium cavalry without leader attacks the medium infantry causing two hits and taking one.  The other medium cavalry, with leader attached, causes three hits on the light infantry.  The light cavalry are quite ineffective in their attacks suffering more than they give.  The four light horse units barely manage to destroy the Roman auxilia. Ouch!

Flaminius plays the "I Am Sparticus" card and activates two medium and one light.  With Flaminius leading, the medium infantry in the center attacks the weakened slinger and destroys it.  Advancing, Flaminius attacks the Carthaginian auxilia with leader and each suffer two hits but neither retreat.

Turn 04 (4-3 Flaminius)
Hannibal orders Two Units Right and activates the medium cavalry.  The medium cavalry attacks and destroys the weakened light infantry and then advances to battle the medium infantry. The Roman infantry is pushed back.

Flaminius orders Three Units Center and chooses to move his medium cavalry, heavy infantry, and medium infantry.  Heavy infantry hits the Carthaginian auxilia giving three hits and taking one.  Medium infantry, with Flaminius attached, attacks the weakened auxilia.  Auxilia are destroyed.  Following up, Flaminius attacks the auxilia that his heavy infantry nearly destroyed.  These auxilia, too, are destroyed.   

Turn 05 (5-3 Flaminius)
Hannibal plays a Double Time card and launches a wave assault with the warriors.  The first warrior attacks the medium infantry backed up against the lake and each take one hit.  The second warrior attacks the medium infantry with attached leader and suffers two hits while giving none.  The third warrior attacks the heavy infantry giving two hits but being eliminated in the battle back.  Tough luck!  

With Flaminius poised to pick off one more unit, Hannibal concedes the battle and withdraws from the field.

Another interesting game that the Roman managed to win.  Favorable card play for the Roman and poor attack dice by the Carthaginian probably aided in the result.  Flaminius was very lucky to get both a Line Command and Double Time to begin the game.

I find CCA almost as good in solo play as with an opponent.  Elegant system with much replay value.  Time well-spent!


  1. totally agree on your assessment of the game. As for a 'realistic' outcome for Lake Trasimenus or Cannae, do you really want one? The real battles were lopsided catastrophes for the Romans, not the most engaging game. CCA is great for giving thoughtful tactical problems and challenging decisions. It doesn't really provide for simulations, but makes up for it with entertainment.

  2. Jon, that is exactly how I remember that first attempt at Trasimene. It's too bad, because I still think he would enjoy the rules.


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