Wednesday, December 12, 2012

15mm Samurai Battles Project Update

Two more units for Samurai Battles have mustered out from the painting table.  This time, one unit of mounted Samurai and one unit of Ashigaru arquebusiers.  Again, the Peter Pig figures are really a pleasure to paint and the double hex basing is pleasing to my eye.

All of my other collections have a dullcote seal but with the Samurai project, I opted for a more matt finish.  To me, Krylon Matt Finish has always appeared too glossy but for these Japanese warriors, the slight gloss is appealing and seems to work.  Perhaps I prefer this matt topcoat on the Japanese because much of their gear was lacquered?  Perhaps, it gives the figures a more Old School look?  Whatever the reason, the lacquer on the helmets, armor, and weapons enhances their appearance.

Next up for the project is a unit of Ashigaru with swords.

As for the game, itself, I began work on reproducing the cards in the game.  Since the cards can't be purchased separately (that I can find), I am experimenting with creating my own set of Command & Colors and Dragon decks.  My thought is to create and then print out the card information and then affix these onto regular playing cards.  This approach solves two problems: obtaining the card decks and making a more durable product.


  1. Nice, and unusual (for me!) figures!

    1. This is an unusual period for me too. Before I played a few games of Samurai Battles I had no knowledge or interest in this period. Now, I'm finding interest in both the period and figures. Upon reflection, I'm not sure there has been a period I did not dive into after learning a bit more about it.


  2. I don't think a whole unit with "dai" on their sashimono is right. That was used by Takeda Katsuyori as a personal insignium.
    Which said, don't stop. Momoyama Japanese were the first pike and shot I got into, and remain a major interest.

    1. Alexander! I appreciate your feedback wrt Japanese heraldry and historical meaning. I have since repainted the mounted troops to display a variety of emblems.


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