Saturday, December 22, 2012

15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project

Progress continues on the 1859 project.  Between work on Samurai and 1859 projects in November and December, not much else has reached the painting table.

Four units have been added to the project in December.  The units include:
  • Four squadrons of the Austrian 1st Civalart Uhlan Regiment
  • One battalion of the 8th Bersaglieri Battalion

  • One battalion of the 5th Bersaglieri Battalion

  • One battalion of the 1st Cacciatore del Alpi Regiment

The uhlans and Bersaglieri are Mirliton figures and the Cacciatore are Battle Honors Zouaves.  With no figures available for the Garibaldini, an alternative was needed.  I figured an ACW chasseur would come close to matching the Cacciatore but I found no such figure.  Given that hole in most ACW ranges, I opted to use a Zouave from Battle Honors with a paint conversion.  Some sources suggest that the Cacciatore wore a dark blue cap and tunic in 1859 and my notes show the standard blue-gray greatcoat was also worn in the field.  What fun would that be to field more figures that appear as line?  Of course, I opted to paint Garibaldi redshirts in their more famous red shirts!  While the San Martino OB shows no Cacciatore present, it was a pleasant diversion from painting the blue-gray of the Italian greatcoat and the Austrian white.  I have enough figures in the Battle Honors pack to field two more battalions.  The uhlans are lacking their lance pennons as are all of my painted Mirliton cavalry.  I need to make an effort to create pennons for all lance-armed cavalry.  Perhaps, over the winter break from work?

One more order went out to Mirliton to restock artillery and crew for both Austria and Sardinia.  I'll be adding 8 Sardinian and 6 Austrian guns.  Also included in the order are 12 Austrian dragoons and one pack each of command personalities.  Order will likely arrive in about three weeks from Italy.


  1. Hi hey Great Ideas you did there well done:) hey does anybody make 1st Italian war of Independence now in 15mm ? It's been hard to find.Thanks for any help:) Dave in USA

    1. Hi Dave, I know of no manufacturer explicitly making figures for the First War. A few years ago, a fellow was sculpting for this range but I have lost track of his project.

      In 20mm, this is an option:


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