Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Projects Update

I recently purchased Dorn and Engelmann’s Infantry Regiments of Frederick the Great from Barnes and Noble. However, the book arrived damaged with a torn jacket. Barnes and Noble said they could not order a replacement copy.
The dust jacket on this book features a handsome painting of Prussian standard bearers passing in review ( and I would like to have an unblemished cover. Being a bit irritated with B&N's customer service, I sent an e-mail to the publisher of the book, Schiffer Books, explaining the situation and asking if I could order a replacement dust jacket. The publisher replied that same afternoon stating that a replacement would be sent gratis within 48 hours.

Well, the replacement dust jacket arrived within a week and I am very pleased to have a crisp, unscathed dust jacket. This latest episode (and there have been many) with B&N may be the catalyst that finally pushes me away from ordering again.

10mm ACW Project:
With rebasing finished, focus turned to recreating the RFF QRS to accommodate my 10mm basing. I managed to condense the existing QRS to front and back of a single, 8"x11" sheet of paper. The primary QRS change was to replace occurrences of 'stands' with 'hits'. Since infantry are based two strips to one base representing two rank infantry, each base can take two hits before being eliminated. Cavalry still takes only one hit as before. After having shared the source of his excellent looking fences, I placed an order with Musket Miniatures. This is my first order from MM. We'll see how it goes. I primed the last six of the 24 limbers I have. These limbers will be added into the painting queue.

Using the battlefield layout from Albuera, I am laying out an ACW scenario set in 1862 Virginia. Of course, I replaced the Napoleonic Spanish houses with mid-19th century American buildings but all else remained much the same. The game will pit Williams' Federal division against elements of A.P. Hill's Light Division. The Federals will be deployed across the high ground with a commanding view of the valley. A.P. Hill will be bringing three brigades on table by two approaches with orders to clear the heights and seize certain key terrain objectives.

15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
Currently on the painting table are 48 Italian infantry to build four line battalions. These 48 figures are proving difficult on which to make much headway. I have tackled this number of figures in the past and often this large number seems daunting and I swear I won't repeat painting this many figures in one go. Well, I must forget the pain upon completion of such a large grouping and I dive once more into the morass. As a future reminder to myself, 24-28 figures ought to be my maximum for any one, painting group.

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