Monday, March 19, 2012

CCA Contests

Gaming has been limited to several sessions of C&CA. Nick and I faced off again with C&CA in a Friday night session on the 2nd. In this meeting, we played Beneventum three times. We each won one game as the Romans and Nick one the final game as the Carthaginians. All three games were very closely contested affairs. In fact, two of the three games went from the side trailing in banner count 6 - 5 to winning 6 banners to 7 by capturing two banners on the last turn.

On the 10th, I traveled to CDA to face off against Scott. I believe we played eight games. I may have won two. It was a tough day on the battlefield for my troops. My faction was decisively outplayed by Scott in nearly all scenarios.

On the 17th, Nick and I again wrestled with three replays of Bagradas. The Romans won two games while the Cathaginians one only one. We each won one game as Roman while Nick picked up the sole Carthaginian victory. The key to my Roman victory was Nick advancing his three elephants to the forefront of his battleline early in the contest. I then played a double time card and advanced three units of medium infantry (two with leaders) to engage and destroy all three elephants.

On the painting front, not much painting has been completed in March, thus far. The only figures finished are 100+ 6mm ancients. Much of my hobby time has been spent rebasing the 10mm ACW collection. Last night saw the completion of the rebasing project.

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