Monday, March 19, 2012

Projects Update and CCA

Kevin and I met at Scott's today for an afternoon of Command and Colors: Ancients. We played through five games with three games of Dertosa before the lunch break and then two games of Pharsulus after lunch. Although I did not note games times, I wager few of the games exceeded one hour in length. In Dertosa, the Romans won twice and Pharsulus saw each combatant take a victory. The system is quite elegant and play is smooth. When heavy infantry are involved, losses (and banners) and mount quickly. In my Pharsulus game with Kevin, the heavies on both sides dealt heavy casualties on their opposition and created a number of breaches in the line. Next up, Kevin has offered to host a Command and Colors: Napoleonics game. I look forward to giving a few of the smaller British vs. French Napoleonic battles a try.

18mm SYW Project:
The first battalion of Swiss Regiment Diesbach is finished. The Blue Moon figures are really quite handsome with good proportions and nice detail. They fit well with Eureka's SYW range and offer a substantial discount over the Eurekas. Following the Swiss battalion are two battalions of Eureka Prussian infantry. Both battalions are from Musketeer Regiment #19 and are being finished this weekend. Next up for the SYW project will be the grenadier companies from IR#8 and IR#19.

15mm Napoleonic Project:
After re-reading the Albuera OOB's, I discovered that there was one Spanish battery (Miranda's) of 6 pounders at Albuera. So, I tore open the bag of Spanish artillery and will be priming figures for two Spanish batteries. On the painting table are two batteries of Portuguese artillery. With a number of orchards covering the battlefield, I have been looking for alternatives to my collection of conifers. Searching the web, I found a model train company (JTT & Partners, that sells 1" and 2" deciduous trees. The package arrived this week and the trees both look nice and provide a good value at 55 trees for $27. I haven't decide to base these in clusters or individually.

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