Monday, October 21, 2013

Mounted Samurai in 15mm

With my return from a work week at the home office, a six hundred mile commute, and weekend chores behind me, focus returns to the figures scattered about the painting desk.

First off the desk after the week long hiatus, is an eight figure stand of mounted samurai warriors. figures are Peter Pig.   Like other units in the Samurai Battles project, these are mounted on a double hex base for use with either my two inch hex mat or Jake's four inch hex mat.

While my Samurai Battles project is being fielded specifically for Commands & Colors, Extra Impetvs 5 contains Army lists for the Mongol Empire and the Far East including listings for the Early, Middle, and Later Samurai.  Since my Samurai project is geared towards the later period, a study of the lists is in order.  With what I have completed thus far, I can probably field two Basic Impetvs (BI) sized armies for a quick trial game.  A small BI game might make an entertaining and quick diversion.


  1. The Samauri banners really make these units "pop", don't they?!


  2. I don't play this period, but your work is really beautiful, that's a great temptation...

  3. Fantastic work - lovely banners. Best, Dean

  4. Great work, it is a thing of beauty when every man gets his own banner!

  5. Stunning. Had the opportunity to see a lot of this first hand when I loved just outside Tokyo. Armor and regalia of Japan is breathtaking, and your painting does it justice.

    1. Thanks! I requested a suit of Samurai armor from my wife when she visited Japan last spring but no such luck. She did bring back a few pictures, though.


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