Sunday, October 6, 2013

28mm Reconquista - BTD Archers

One final Andalusian archer unit makes it off the painting desk before the inaugural Basic Impetvs (BI) game today.  Even though I switched focus on painting to non-Reconquista figures, I did slip in one last unit of "T" archers in case we decide to try armies having large units with supporting archers.  We may not get that option in BI but we may decide to move up to Imptevs quickly.   

Jake is driving up from Moscow with his collection of Spanish Christians to do battle against my collection of Muslims.  Since this is our first game, mistakes are likely to occur.  Therefore, game play will tend towards the "how does this work" rather than attempting to crush your opponent.  Jake is concerned with the lack of evasion for skirmishers in BI so we may add that option.

Game table has been cleared, labels made, and game aids laid out.  I think I'm ready to rumble.

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