Sunday, October 11, 2015

Have Game, Will Travel!

Well, I am off for a day of interstate gaming in Coeur d'Alene against my worthy opponent, Scott.  "Worthy opponent" is an understatement, for sure.  I am lucky to win one of three from the master.
With Commands & Colors on the slate for today, I am bringing along my 6mm ancients collection for use with CC: Ancients.  Included in the travel box are three boxes of figures, rolled hex map, box of terrain, rules, playsheets, cards, dice, and hit markers.  Everything needed in one convenient carrying case.
6mm Punic Wars Collection ready for battle
Wish me luck...I will need it!

(yes, the game room is in a bit of disarray.)

EDIT 11OCT2015
Gaming recap:
We completed four games. Two games of Cannae using 6mm miniatures and two games of Plataea using the traditional CC:A board and blocks.  Carthage was victorious in both Cannae replays and the Greeks won both Plataea battles.  Each player won two battles.

The victories and banners counts were:
Game 1: Cannae - Jon (Carthage) 7-3
Game 2: Cannae - Scott (Carthage) 7-5
Game 3: Plataea - Jon (Greek) 5-3
Game 4: Plataea - Scott (Greek) 5-4

Both Cannae battles developed historically with the Carthaginian center giving way as Carthaginian cavalry on both wings first overpowered their opposition and then turned inwards to defeat the Roman center.  

Both Plataea contests were much more closely contested.  In the final game of the day, the Persians jumped out to an early 3-0 lead in banners only to lose that advantage in a deadly and well executed Greek counterattack.  In the end game with banners at 3-4 to the Greeks,  the Persians had a chance to take victory if a one block unit of Greek medium infantry and its attached leader could be taken out.  Surrounding the Greeks with light infantry, the Persians struck.  The remaining block of Greek infantry was destroyed but the leader, now alone, survived the casualty check and then successfully fought his way through the Persian lines.  Banners tied 4-4.  In the Greek half of the turn, the Greeks easily took out a weakened Persian infantry unit to claim victory.  This one was a real nail-biter! 


  1. Jon, the best way to have any chance of winning at least one game from Scott is to make sure he is painting miniatures.... :o)


    happy wargaming Guys!

    1. Distraction...a good way to improve my chances.

  2. Impressive storage...good luck to you!

  3. A very neat and handy piece of kit. Best of luck.

  4. Thanks, Jon! The games were a lot of fun.

    1. Indeed, they were! Enjoyable way to spend half a day.

  5. Hope you both had a great time, and at least one victory apiece!

  6. Another impressive looking collection Jonathan!



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