Monday, October 13, 2014

BatRep Arroyo con Pollo - Attack

The action at Arroyo con Pollo continues from where we last left the combatants.  Part One of the battle is documented here.  Initial French attacks on the British flanks were repulsed.
British left
As the action is rejoined, the 6lb British gun deployed on the heights on the British left fires into the cluster of grenadiers as they fall back from their failed assault.  The grenadiers sustain more casualties and the once orderly retreat turns to rout.  No nearby French infantry are troubled by the sight of their grenadiers heading for the rear.  With the grenadiers scurrying to the rear, the KGL hussars, having crossed over to the left bank of the arroyo earlier, begin their charge on disordered French infantry holding onto the base of the heights.
KGL Hussars ready for action
Seeing the hussars approach, the French line wheels back and performs a short retrograde to prepare for the charge.  As the hussars close, a long range volley is loosed and many light horsemen fall.  The French then calmly form square.  Now in disorder, the hussars pull up and attempt to recall.  The troopers respond to the sound of the trumpets and recall back towards the arroyo.

The 20th, with Lowe attached, volleys into the disordered 70/1.  More Frenchmen fall and the 70/1 falls back in an attempt to escape the heat.  A cheer erupts from the British line and the 20th pursues the retiring French.  Even though two volleys are unleashed into the 20th, neither are effective and the 20th closes due to Lowe's leadership.
The 20th attacks!
In the close work, the 20th dishes out two hits while the 70th can only reply with one.  With their combat effectiveness teetering on dissolution, the 70th retreats back away from the victorious British.
20th victorious
To cover the 20th's now exposed left, the 38th advances with the intent to assault the French 86/1.  The 86/1 fires two volleys and the 38th takes casualties and becomes disordered.  Not wanting to close in their disordered state, the 38th halts.
Who is who?
On the British right, the KGL go on the offensive.  Sympher's guns placed at the foot of the hill target the advancing legere.  Sympher successfully tears a few holes in the French lights before the 5th KGL foot can close.  As the Germans close, the 2nd Legere's skirmishers are driven in.  With combat effectiveness eroding from the cannon fire, the legere fall back into the wheat field.  With no desire to engage multiple fresh French infantry, the 5th occupies the ground vacated by the legere and halts.
KGL advance
Having a flank exposed to the threat of French cavalry is no good so the 7th KGL advances to cover the 5th's right.
7th KGL advances
Lamotte's cavalry now stirs into action.  The 5th Chasseurs a Cheval rally but  maintain their threatening position while the 2nd Hussars strike out towards the 7th KGL.  With the angle of the French approach, no fire was possible so the Germans form up into square.  Not wanting to attack ordered infantry in square, the 2nd Hussars recall back towards their lines.

Now Taupin's command activates.  The 2nd Legere rally while Taupin rides over to the Swiss.  The Swiss change into line and fire into the 5th KGL.  The Germans take casualties but stand firm.
KGL form square
With the 7th in square, the 70/2 attacks in assault column.  The 7th unloads two devastating volleys into the packed French but it continues to close upon the square.
French attack a square
In the assault, both combatants take heavy casualties but the French, nearing exhaustion, cannot break the square and are, themselves, repulsed.  With the exception of the Swiss, all other French attacks have been repelled on the British right.  The British right remains solid but somewhat weakened.
The French left retreats
Menard's command activates on the British left and much of the French actions are consumed reordering his command.  Menard rides over to join the 86/2 in square to rally it.  The 86/2 rallies and then forms line.  Mermet joins the grenadiers and with his inspiration, rally from combat effectiveness of 2 up to an effectiveness of 4.  Content to remain at arms' length from the enemy, the 86/1 inflicts casualties upon the 38th while Menard's guns degrade the fighting capability of the 20th.

At the end of Turn 6, French attacks all along the front have been repulsed and the British are still firmly in control of the defile.  The British line may be bent but certainly not broken.  While the French left has taken much punishment, the French right is recovering from their earlier setbacks.  Too bad for the French that they have no cavalry on their right to exploit the weakening British positions. 
Situation end of Turn 6
As has been uttered in many a game, initiative is going to be very important next turn!


  1. Nice AAR, fantastic photos. I liked the unit designators on the photos, I'll have to borrow that.

    1. Thanks! Following an AAR can sometimes be confusing matching photos to the text. So, it never hurts to annotate the photos from time-to-time.

  2. As expected a great AAR and really interesting game!


    1. Thanks, Christopher! It has turned into an interesting situation. Wait for the finale!

  3. Nice looking game, beautiful armies...sorry that the French didn't break the square!

    1. Thank you, Phil! Maybe next time the French will prevail in the square-breaking. This time, they took too much punishment closing in the for the assault.

  4. great looking figures and terrain. excellent after battle report.... well done Jonathan! how did your opponent(s) feel/react after the game any comments?

    1. I think Jon did this refight solo, Phil. I agree excellent AAR, beautiful table. Awaiting the finale....

    2. Phil! Thanks for the kind comments.

      As Peter noted, I am fighting this one solo and I still have one installment left to play out!

  5. Top table and miniatures. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Michael and it is always my pleasure to share!

      Glad you dropped by!

  6. So the boys from Albion did better this time. Very enjoyable to see an actual refight of previous scenario!

    1. Pleased you are enjoying the BatRep, Soren!

      Too early to tell if the boys from Albion did better this time. Still at least one BatRep installment to go.

      The battle rages on!

  7. Terrifically exciting and lovely to look at. I've never seen a column attack a square before, that's one for baseball trivia fans, to be sure. Looking forward to the next instalment.


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