Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fairchild AFB Air Show

Entrusted with the care of our one-year old grandson this weekend, we decided to take him on a Sunday outing.  The destination was only about ten miles away at the local air force base, Fairchild.  Annually, the AFB holds an open house and air show and this was that weekend.

While a number of aircraft fly in for display, the highlight is a performance by either the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels.  This year, the Thunderbirds performed.  Not sure my grandson could enjoy and appreciate the aircraft displays but he was in good spirits throughout the afternoon.  When he gets a bit older, I am sure he will enjoy clambering all over the aircraft.

Is any aircraft more handsome than the F-16?  I think not!  Following are aircraft photos from the afternoon activity:  


  1. Looks like a great day!

    As an AF brat, this post brings back many memories. We often saw the Blue Angles. What's quite surprising is how many of those planes I saw in HS. The only ones missing from my youth are the
    B-52 and A-10s. ;-)

    1. AF brat, eh? You have likely traveled quite a lot then.

      Both of those aircraft have made appearances in the past. Another missing aircraft this year was the Stealth F-117. Maybe I just didn't see it!

    2. We had a cub scout event that prevented us from coming up, I was disappointed because I always love to see the T-birds in action. We had some folks from my Battalion doing static displays with the heavy trucks if you saw them.
      As for the F-117. Those are retired, turns out cutting-edge laminates from the early 80's start to de-laminate over time...

    3. I did see your outfit's displays. In fact, used one as a shady haven to apply more sunscreen. T-birds in action are always fun to see.


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