Monday, April 15, 2013

28mm Ancients Project - Spanish

Fresh off the painting table are 18 Spanish from Black Tree Design.  I replaced the crescent shields with round, Aventine shields.  The javelins are either from Northstar or Aventine.  Even though the javelins are epoxied into each figure's throwing hand, the spear extends beyond the 30mm wide base.  Without a game yet with my 28mm ancients, I am not too sure how these weapons with survive contact with their friends, foes, or fingers.

As the collection builds, I am becoming increasingly tempted by the basing in Impetus.  In the case of these Spanish, the footprint of one unit would be 120mm x 60mm or essentially the equivalent of four stands under my current basing of 60mm x 30mm.  With 120mm frontage and 60mm depth, the figures could be arranged in such a fashion as to offer weapon protection and eliminate the fragile weapon overhang.  If I choose the Impetus basing route, I will likely need to paint a few more Spanish to field two full units.

On the gaming front, Kevin and I faced off on Sunday to try his new Command & Colors: Napoleonics Russian expansion set.  We played the Craonne scenario and Kevin the Francophile beat the Russians in a very bloody battle 10-7.  The Russians began the game weakened with most infantry reduced to three blocks against the French four-block infantry.  That, and the lack of heavy cavalry for the Russians spelled defeat.  Well, that was my judgment.  Kevin would likely claim superior French tactics and generalship! 

In addition to the great afternoon game, Kevin passed along 20 Eureka FRW Austrians.  I'm looking forward to giving them a coat of paint.


  1. Love it! These fellows do look like they're ready to tear the Romans up.

    Impetus basing can't be beat. The lower figure count per base is a big plus. The mini diorama is a great visual and by having more room, you're less likely to touch/damage the figures. I like the rules as well but I couldn't get my ancients buddies on the Impetus train so I bailed. :-(

    One day I WILL paint ancient Spanish in 28mm. Until then, I'll be staring at yours!

    1. Thanks, Monty!

      I haven't stirred up any interest in Impetus around here either but I have't given up yet.

  2. I really like it! Quite warm painting style/palette- superb! the user known as 'Monty' is quite right about the Impetus style basing, a perfectly valid point there!
    Keep it up, I can't wait to see this army completed!
    Regards David

    1. Thanks, David. As I said above, I am getting very close to pulling the pin and switching the basing to Impetus. If I had two opposing forces, it would be an easier decision. Having only enough figures to field one of the combatants makes the decision a little tougher.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Phil! The BTD Spanish, although a bit ugly in the face, were fun to paint.


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