Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Markers for 28mm Ancients Project

Occasionally, I purchase figures for which there is no immediate need. Am I alone in this weakness? I bet not. Such is the case with the Roman figures shown below.

Having not seen Mirliton's 25mm ancients range in person, I added these eight figures onto a recent order meant to resupply my 15mm Second Italian War of Independence project.  I had no specific use for these wounded lads but imagined they could be pressed into service as status markers of some sort.  These single figures could be used as disorder or casualty markers depending upon the rules used.

Each figure is reclining on the ground holding his shield over his head in a manner that suggests he his fending off a blow. In a more passive interpretation, perhaps, he is shielding himself from the harsh rays of the Mediterranean sun while relaxing on the march?

The figures are open handed with separate shields.  Figure quality is good.  Since the soldiers are reclining, the wounded veterans should fit in with either 25mm or 28mm armies.  On a few of the figures, I stuck surplus Renegade scuta onto their outreached hand.

With the recently completed Spanish and now these markers, I seem to be trending towards an ancients push.  Next up for this project is a unit of Crusader hoplites.  My plan is to field these hoplites as a mercenary unit.  Also pulled from the stockpile of lead are a couple of handfuls of BTD Oscans.  I really liked the sculpting on the earlier unit and plan to paint enough Oscans to field three, 12 figure units.  

Lastly, Renegade Miniatures is holding a 5-4-4 sale.  That is, buy five regiments (or blisters) for the price of four.  I would like to build up a Carthaginian force to face off against my burgeoning Roman army.  Too bad only one cavalry regiment is allowed per deal.  I could really use a greater proportion of horse to foot to oppose the Romans.

Back to thoughts of basing.  For now, I'll keep the basing at 60mm x 30mm but a concern still lingers about durability on the gaming table with overhanging weapons.  I have difficulty lining up the formations without banging weapons and shields under relaxed conditions.  What would happen during the frenzy of a game?  Even though the weapons are epoxied, I envision casualties.   


  1. I do like these Jonathan, and I think you've hit on it. They'll make great status markers for Impetus or Hail Caesar or any game that uses such. Much better than just dropping a single die behind a unit (which is what I do right now).

    1. Now, I need to find a game for these markers. Very interested in Impetus but no one locally has been similarly aroused (aroused? perhaps I should have chosen a different verb!).


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