Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Projects Update

6mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):
My rekindled interest in ancients has been brought about mainly from recent playings of CC:A. Also helping to fan this interest has been the exchange of a good quantity of Romans. Received a package from Baccus last week containing an assortment of Roman and Carthaginian figures from the resculpted range. The retooling of the range has witnessed a great step forward in quality. These latest figures are really little gems and make some of the earlier sculpts I have quite poor. Word from Jake is that he has completed the Punic War project that I bartered for my 15mm Medievals. The new reinforcements will consist of:

  •     64 Triarii w/ 1 cmd group, Buff shields
  •     90 Irregular (Spanish/Cartheginian) w Spear and Shield (various colors)
  •     12 Roman Cavalry (blue Shield and Red shirts)
  •     36 Numidian Cavalry (Various Horse Colors)
  •     60 Irregulars with Slings and shields.
  •     1 Roman Command Group (3 Figs)
Once I sort all of the elements and account for what I currently have and what is in the pipeline, it will be interesting to see the size/composition of the two combatants' forces. It appears I will end up with a large force of Numidian cavalry and irregular foot. I'll await receipt to see how these irregulars are manufactured (in abreast strips or in column strips). Jake is still interested in bartering my 28mm painted SpanAm War Spanish for more 6mm figures and painting. From memory, I have about 120 infantry and a few guns with crew with which to trade.

Basing of the Romans is complete as is the rebasing of the Carthaginian contingents. With only a few unused bases remaining, another order to Litko is needed. Thirty-two Triarii have been primed and awaiting in queue behind the 28mm French battalion.

Not 6mm related, but I ordered a sample of 28mm figures from Aventine Miniatures that also arrived last week. Wow! These figures are gorgeous.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
Progress is being made on the Brigade Games' French but activity has slowed as I base the 6mm Punic Wars collection.

April 2011 Painting Totals:
April witnessed the first month in 2011 where my output exceeded 100 figures. All figures for the Albuera battle are in place and ready for action.

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