Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Projects Update

15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
On the painting table are two battalions of Austrian line infantry. Each battalion is 18 figures strong. These two battalions will join the already fielded grenadier battalion of the IR #7. When these are finished, I will have exhausted my inventory of Austrian line. For now, I'm holding my order in anticipation of Scott's forthcoming 19th Century Battle Honors ACW order. If we order together, we can likely get 40% discount and free shipping. Next on the painting table will be the 1st Kaiser Hussar Regiment and will represent my first horse unit for this project.

lthough I've painted a couple of battalions of Bersaglieri using Piedmontese line, I'm still searching for proper figures. Both Freikorps and Mirliton produce the figures in 15mm with Freikorps being true 15mm. The figures from Mirliton look nice but shipping from Italy is quite expensive. That is, 24 Euros of figs cost 12 Euros to ship. Mirliton produces personalities from the war that would be very useful. I may still place a very small order to sample the figures.

Below is a portion of a painting from the Risorgimento Museo in Milan taken in 2009 showing a Piedmontese gun, crew and assorted horse. Note that the downed Austrian horseman's white, dress gloves must have been stored inside the his shako.

A second photo from the museum renders the Battle of Arcola in miniature. The diorama depicts the point in the battle where the French storm the Arcola bridge defended by lines of Austrians.

18mm 1799 Italian Project:
Two battalions of Austrian IR Preiss are complete and awaiting flocking.

18mm SYW Project:
The first squadron (six figures) of Prussian Hussar Regiment #2 is finished.

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