Friday, November 19, 2010

Battle Report Little Round Top

Gamed at Terry's on the 13th replaying the Little Round Top scenario from RFF. We used Terry's old N-gauge Scruby based three figures per stand. Terry's basing actually suits RFF better than it does for BOFF. The problem with the shallow bases reared its head again. Figures tend to topple over when based on shallow bases with figures only one rank deep. The laws of physics continue to hold.

For the game, Terry commanded the Federals and I commanded the Confederates. The Confederates had no on-board artillery so would have to attack without close artillery support. Splitting the Confederate line were Berdan's Sharpshooters embedded within Devil's Den. Robertson's brigade was also split by Devil's Den and 4TX and 5TX were out of his command. My plan was to demonstrate with Law and attack with Robertson and Benning. The attack was slow in developing but Benning eventually destroyed Smith's guns and held the southern end of Houck's Ridge. 4TX and 5TX and Law's Brigade was torn to pieces as it crossed into the rough ground along Plum Run. Hazlett's guns pounded the Rebs continuously. The 15AL and 47AL made one assault against the Union breastworks on LRT and were narrowly repulsed. Robertson and Law's commands became worn with light casualties and any hope of pressing the attack vanished. The Federals declared victory as the remaining Rebs slipped back into the woods.

18mm 1799 Italian Project:
Two battalions of Austrians are on the painting table after recently finishing two battalions of French line. A recent resupply from Eureka included early Russians as well. Two Russian grenadier battalions have been primed and are awaiting in the queue. The six grenadiers from these two battalions will join the half completed combined grenadier battalion. All figures are AB.

15mm Napoleonic Project:
Cavalry rebasing project is on hold until I receive a resupply from Scale Creep and Litko. As I mentioned earlier, the Russians were next in queue. The Russian heavy cavalry and hussars have been rebased with the cossacks undergoing the process once more bases arrive.

Sold! Even though the Vietnam collection saw action on the tabletop in 2010, I decided to liquidate the collection. Hopefully, they found a good home where they will see more action than I was able to provide. I have a few more orphan projects that are under consideration for culling: 15mm medievals and 28mm SpAm War Spanish come to mind. The Spanish haven't seen action on the table in about ten years.

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